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  1. budafilms

    Asus Z170 Maximus Hero VIII - AUDIO NOISE

    I did a fresh 10.11.5 install and applied Multibeast 8.2.2. (ALC 1150 + 100). I got audio, but after 1 minute I listen noise. I unplugged the cable, plugged again, the audio is clear and around 1 or 2 minutes, again noise and fried. Any Suggestion?
  2. budafilms

    Multibeast 8.2.2. Instalation Failed

    Hi Guys! I installed one time and everything fine except Audio and USB problems. I downloaded 3 times, for reinstall new things, reinstall audio, fake sensor, and get the same message " Instalation Failed" My hardware: Asus Maximus Hero VIII (latest Bios) i7 6700k 290X Instal Method: Clover...
  3. budafilms

    Do We Need SSDT?

    I´m in Clover 10.11.4 and I build a new machine from zero, fresh install. In EFI, Acpi, Pathced should Go SSDT´s for USB, Power Management, etc. This is needed to prevent the system ¨degradation¨, I mean, with an SSDT the system works more solid? Thank you.