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  1. nbrews11

    [Success] Big Sur Public Beta 1 Installation

    Big Sur Beta 1 installed open core every thing works gigabyte z390 Radeon 5700xt 32 gig or ram
  2. nbrews11

    Solved > ATI RX 5700 XT Graphics Card Help Needed

    thanks for your help its fixed
  3. nbrews11

    Solved > ATI RX 5700 XT Graphics Card Help Needed

    I just installed the XFX ATI Radeon RX 5700 XT on Catalina 10.15.6 on Clover Config inject ATI and Whantevergreen kext still not working. MOBO IS Z390 AORUS PRO with i7-8700.
  4. nbrews11

    Success Asus Prime Z390 i9-9900K

    which boot loader u use
  5. nbrews11

    wifi and bluetooth Asus rogue strix z390

    got every thing working on my Asus rogue strix z390 except the built in wifi and the blue tooth any one know now to get it to work?
  6. nbrews11

    installer freezes up

    ok it took a while but finally got Mojave to install on my rig strix had to install high Sierra than upgrade to Mojave new problems it won't shut down or restart on its own
  7. nbrews11

    installer freezes up

    This is where it freezes every thing up to this point is fine I have tried different and tried machenical HD updated the firm ware o. The evo with windows The download link you gave me burn to CD booted but not detecting the evo drive
  8. nbrews11

    installer freezes up

    tried that and also different ssd still same result
  9. nbrews11

    installer freezes up

    how to make it bootable?
  10. nbrews11

    installer freezes up

    the Samsung evo
  11. nbrews11

    installer freezes up

    building my new system asus ROG Strix z390-e i7 8700 Mojave. the first part of the installer will freeze up about 3/4 of the way through install and it would not do anything else any suggestions ?
  12. nbrews11

    Help with Hackintosh Install

    after the first boot just reinstall multibeast Sierra version that will get the boot loader working than you can do the tweets and the Nvidia web drvers
  13. nbrews11

    Nvidia Graphics Web Driver 10.13 High Sierra help

    solved ok here is what I did I just did a fresh reinstall of Sierra got every thing working than did an reinstall of high Sierra via direct up date just copy the fakesmc kext to refi/clover/ketx /other let it install once complete let Nvidia up date to pop up let it install and reboot you...
  14. nbrews11

    High Sierra Graphics Help?

    same problem at a lost
  15. nbrews11

    Weird error when updating Graphics Drivers

    i sm having the same problem and can't get the nvidia web driver to work after reboot goes to black screen any ideas
  16. nbrews11

    [READ ME FIRST!] Graphics Setup & Troubleshooting

    black screen on hs the new nvidia web drivers any ideas?