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  1. makproductions06

    Error installing Clover with Multibeast

    Catalina 10.15.7 MultiBeast 12.3 MultiBeast choices attached. Destination files system type: APFS MultiBeast Log Attached install.log contents for the choices that you are installing - Not sure where to get this. Just getting an installation failed error.
  2. makproductions06

    [SOLVED]White Screen Before Unibeast ML Install Screen

    Trying to do a fresh install of ML. I loaded up ml with unibeast on a usb. When I boot up into the unibeast install, I get the apple logo and spinning wheel and then it switches to a white flickering screen... Any help would be appreciated... thanks Here are my computer specs...
  3. makproductions06

    No Audio Mountain Lion

    So i just upgraded to mountain lion. Got everything to work but then my output/input options for my audio disappeared. All it shows is SoundFlower(2ch)(16ch) My Motherboard is: Gigabyte x58a UD5. I have used MultiBeast 4.6.1 to install the kexts for it but to no avail. Any help would be great.
  4. makproductions06

    System Panics at start up.

    When i try to start up without rboot cd, my system freezes on apple grey screen or throws a fit and makes me restart. I took a picture of my screen after i ran it in verbose mode. I have a 3tb Seagate HDD drive hooked up for back up. Not sure if that could be a problem. It said something about...
  5. makproductions06

    Can't Boot Off HDD - Look at picture of verbose mode.

    I can only boot from iboot cd. Here is the verbose mode picture with its errors. Any Help would be awesome.
  6. makproductions06

    Can't load Iboot without CD

    When i try to load iboot of harddrive after installing multibeast, it just hangs? and ideas?
  7. makproductions06

    installing Lion from USB - gigabyte x58a-UD5 HELP!!!!

    I just purchased these items following a list at: ... fessional/ Everthing is the same except I got the Radeon 6870. HELP, I don't understand how to set up the bios properly to ACHI etc and i keep getting a Verifying Dimi pool. What is the easiest way to...