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  1. FunnyNYPD

    After Catalina 10.15.4 Update, "Boot Install macOS" Is Still on Clover Boot Menu Screen

    >I right clicked on the Mac-OS-DATA partition and selected show in finder. Here the folder appeared. I removed it, rebooted and it worked fine again. Yes. It seems getting the issue resolved.
  2. FunnyNYPD

    [Success] - Gigabyte Ga-h81m-h / CPU i5 / RAM 8GB / SSD 120GB

    Do you mind to share your kext files? Attached is the kext file I am using. Now sound is working. Sleeping is not working well, the keyboard and mouse is fully locked.
  3. FunnyNYPD

    Dell Optiplex 780 USFF

    It shall work.
  4. FunnyNYPD

    Ga-h81m-h motherboard capatibility

    I have seen people using VGA on their hackintosh, I have no idea how they get it working.
  5. FunnyNYPD

    Can I develop iOS 8 apps on a hackintosh completely?

    After couple of years, are you guys still running good on the xcode? what OSX are you using, high sierra, sierra, or any other system?
  6. FunnyNYPD

    Yosemite on GA H81M S2H i7 4790K

    This is the second mackintosh I have just build, I didn't figure out how to display as your profile: "Haswell: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC | i7-4770K | Asus Strix GzeForce GTX 970 Lynnfield: MSI MS-7658 | i7-870 | ATI Radeon HD 5670z'
  7. FunnyNYPD

    Is it possible to install macOS on a Dell Optiplex 780?

    I am having some trouble to creat a working USB to install the Sierra.
  8. FunnyNYPD

    High Sierra on GeForce 210 - install hangs (*SOLVED*)

    Same here. I only installed Sierra with GeForce 210. And for some reason, I can only boot my mackintosh from USB. The multibeast makes all kinds of trouble on my build.
  9. FunnyNYPD

    Yosemite on GA H81M S2H i7 4790K

    Luck you, I have a GA-H81M-H with i7-4790K CPU. G210 1G display card. For sierra, I cannot have multibeast installed at all. Mutibeast will stop the internet, which works with USB boot (unibeast). Other than that the sound is not working at all. Display works, but no full feature. Maps doesn't...
  10. FunnyNYPD

    [Solved] Stuck at Gigabyte loading screen after Multibeast

    Exactly the same happened to me today on a Gigabyte GA-H81-H. What I have done is: disconnect the power supply, remove the BIOS battery, and short the two pins for clearing the BIOS for couple of minutes. Eventually, the mother board is back. I was thinking I may need get a tool to...
  11. FunnyNYPD

    [Success] - Gigabyte Ga-h81m-h / CPU i5 / RAM 8GB / SSD 120GB

    For some reason, i have tons of issue with multibeast. 1. It cannot boot from hard drive. 2. no sound, and the display card was not working fully. 3. After multibeast, no internet. And it was working before multibeast.
  12. FunnyNYPD

    SOLVED: Optiplex 780 Sierra Audio

    After have two machines build, I have found that build a UEFI based motherboard is a lot faster than Dell optiplex 780. It seemed the Dell optiplex 780 motherboard BIOS may be changed for no reason. Don't understand why?
  13. FunnyNYPD

    [Solved] Clicking "Continue" during installation doesn't install MacOs

    >As far as I remember, I completely reinstalled UniBeast on my flash drive and it worked again. It happened the same here. Anyone has a clue why this is happening?
  14. FunnyNYPD

    No audio, GA-H81M-HD3

    >I eventually bought a 10 dollars usb sound card, and its working perfectly fine Do you mind to pose a link?
  15. FunnyNYPD

    Very budget High Sierra

    >Yes, you'll want to be on High Sierra to run the latest Xcode. It is good to know. My school mac still runs Sierra. :)
  16. FunnyNYPD

    Very budget High Sierra

    >But i think i won`t have newest version of xcode, im right? why? Does the latest xcode only run on high sierra?
  17. FunnyNYPD

    Very budget High Sierra

    >C2D 8400 3.0GHZ / 6MB / 1333 The CPU shall work. But most of the people will recommend to go with sierra rather than high sierra.
  18. FunnyNYPD

    SOLVED: Optiplex 780 Sierra Audio

    I just have the Fist one done. :)
  19. FunnyNYPD

    SOLVED: Optiplex 780 Sierra Audio

    >Dell Optiplex 780 SFF The one I have is a Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E8400; 6M Cache, 3.00 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB; 45nm process, it support SSE4.1; Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.3 should be able to be installed on a Dell Optiplex 780 Small Form Factor (SFF) machine with the E8400 CPU. Some of the fan even...