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  1. veng58

    Bill Moggridge Dead: British-Born Creator Of The World's First Laptop Dies At 69

    I know off topic ,Many Thanks Bill :clap::headbang::thumbup:
  2. veng58

    no install dsdt option in dsdtse

    Hi ,i have been doing the edits in dsdtse for the hdmi audio of my machine ,they are saving without errors but i am not getting the option to install dsdt its greyed out ,any ideas anybody ,i am new to this so not sure how dsdtse is supposed to work, ALL solved working fine this morning ,would...
  3. veng58

    where is the system folder in LION

    had Lion loaded and running for a few days ,just had a problem wiv sleep and went to find the system folder and it does not seem to have one ???