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  1. kmare

    brightness problem with GTX 765M in iMac 11,1

    Hi CoolBits, will likely join you sometime soon with the GTX765M. Just waiting for my 6970 to fail. There are a number of threads that are relevant for backlighting fixes on hackintosh laptops -- search for "backlight dsdt nvidia" etc. May even be a GTX765 fix out there!
  2. kmare

    Problems With Mavericks and Ethernet Card on Motherboard GA-H67-MA-usb3-b3

    working for me *most* of the time on same board. Sometimes on boot the onboard isn't working (20% of time)
  3. kmare

    Random Freeze and no sleep since update to 10.8.3

    EDIT: nm - somehow NullCPU had been installed along the way
  4. kmare

    ECS H67H2-ITX + i5 2300

    sleep/wake working?
  5. kmare

    Sleep - General Troubleshooting Tips

    should be an HCL list that includes wake/sleep compatible boards. I see a lot of user builds that boast 100% success but overlook wake/sleep; IMO this is an important one to include as a benchmark
  6. kmare

    ONE autosleep per boot. Just one. Z68X-UD7-B3

    ok - so i think autosleep breaks when i wake via power button. If I use bt mouse it wakes and autosleeps fine (multiple times)
  7. kmare

    ONE autosleep per boot. Just one. Z68X-UD7-B3

    I have the same issue on older UD3P Had to apply AppleRTC patch to fix CMOS reset on sleep, but machine autosleeps exactly once on restart - forcesleep is perfect. Prior to 10.6.8/Lion my machine was 100% perfect autosleep and sleep
  8. kmare

    How to Unstretch the Chameleon Boot Screen

    Sort of working for me at 2560x1600 -- the spinner is finally squished, however chameleon is only filling the middle part of the screen, sort of like +-----------------------+ | | | +------+ | | | | | | +------+...
  9. kmare

    Apple branded bluetooth module in USB hub - Solved Sleep

    Diode method posted - Thanks to Swhay for original diagram. Yes the green and yellow wires between the Apple and USB cable do crossover
  10. kmare

    Apple branded bluetooth module in USB hub - Solved Sleep

    If you are using 1N4001 the drop is going to be ~0.7V; I would recommend putting 2xdiodes. I suspect 1.6V is the max drop at high currents Why not put the module inside your PC case?
  11. kmare

    Apple branded bluetooth module in USB hub - Solved Sleep

    you want simple rectifier diodes: 1N4001 being the most common ... Id=2036268 diodes have a unique property that the voltage drop across them is constant; for 1N4001 the drop is ~0.7, so two of these connected together means 2x0.7v = 1.4V; 5V is...
  12. kmare

    Apple branded bluetooth module in USB hub - Solved Sleep

    My Apple BT adapter didn't work at 5V off the MB header, I added 2xDiodes on 5V line which drops the voltage by 1.4Volts to 3.6 or so and now the adapter works perfect!
  13. kmare

    Motherboard choice for new G5 mod?

    Go with an ITX or MATX board, there is no need to do any cutting abd you can even mount your Power Supply into the stock apple PS You can mount a full size ATX without cutting, you will need a board with a PCIX slot in one of the first 4 from the edge (My UD3P PCIX is the 2nd slot) Not sure...
  14. kmare

    Apple Internal Bluetooth Module Experiments

    you guys have wake from sleep with bluetooth working?