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  1. onoakino

    HP EliteBook 2570p(2x70p) macOS 10.14 Mojave EFI 99% Worked

    @hollowaysxp On the latest Catalina 10.15.4, camera is not working. Is it the same in your case?
  2. onoakino

    HP Elitebook 2570p on Mojave 10.14.6 BIOS Upgrade

    Our HP Elitebook 2570p is a business-class notebook, so HP continues to provide BIOS updates. The latest BIOS that is available for download is F.73 Rev.A (May 14, 2019). To those of you who owns this notebook and runs hackintosh on it, did you ever tried to update your BIOS to the latest...
  3. onoakino

    An iDiot's Guide To iMessage

    I very much agree that setting it up is a real PITA. I envy those who got to make iMessage work out of the box, or those who at least by following the guide to a tee, got it to work on their first few tries. I've been trying since 2018. I was still on Sierra then. Tried to make it work again...
  4. onoakino

    An iDiot's Guide To iMessage

    Thank you for the quick response, feartech. I replaced 'UseMACAddress0' and use my laptop ethernet port's MAC address as the ROM value in RtVariables section of my config.plist. I used xcode editor to be extra sure I did it correctly. Saved. Rebooted. Tried to set-up iMessage again but still got...
  5. onoakino

    An iDiot's Guide To iMessage

    Hi jkbuha! Can you elaborate on what you mean by "substituting ROM for real value"? I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean by "real value". Did you mean the en0's (in my case, the built-in ethernet's) MAC address which I can get via ifconfig? Did you put the actual ethernet MAC address as...
  6. onoakino

    [Guide] HP ProBook/EliteBook/Zbook using Clover UEFI hotpatch

    @solsen here's the efi without the password protection.
  7. onoakino

    Apple Deprecating KEXTs. End of Hackintosh?

    Per Apple's Dev Support website: "Deprecated Kernel Extensions and System Extension Alternatives System extensions on macOS Catalina (10.15) allow software like network extensions and endpoint security solutions to extend the functionality of macOS without requiring kernel-level access. At...
  8. onoakino

    [Guide] HP ProBook/EliteBook/Zbook using Clover UEFI hotpatch

    Here's a working 2570p Catalina EFI that I found on the interweb. Just create a bootable Catalina USB using the createinstallmedia approach, install clover on it, mount its EFI, delete the EFI folder and put the EFI that I attached. Use case: You just want to install Catalina 10.15 on 2570p as...
  9. onoakino

    [Guide] HP ProBook/EliteBook/Zbook using Clover UEFI hotpatch

    Off-topic: Catalina stable release 10.15 runs fine on my 2570p but I strayed from RH's guide and used an EFI which I downloaded from an outside (chinese website) source. The EFI was specifically made for HP 25x0p tho. I think he followed RH's guide, but strayed a little bit by not installing...
  10. onoakino

    [Guide] HP ProBook/EliteBook/Zbook using Clover UEFI hotpatch

    I agree. I hope someone with enough know-how would fork this project. I think RehabMan wouldn't mind.
  11. onoakino

    [Guide] HP ProBook/EliteBook/Zbook using Clover UEFI hotpatch

    Boot in verbose to find out what's causing the delay. To do that, on clover, press spacebar, tick the 'verbose', and there's another option to 'not restart in case of kernel panic'.
  12. onoakino

    [Guide] HP ProBook/EliteBook/Zbook using Clover UEFI hotpatch

    SD Card slot is no longer working. Can anybody confirm or deny? I can write to the sdcard if I use an external USB card reader and plug it to any of the laptop's USB slots, but if I use the SDCard slot on 2570p, I can only read its contents, I cannot save any files to it.
  13. onoakino

    [Guide] HP ProBook/EliteBook/Zbook using Clover UEFI hotpatch

    Hi. I'm on 10.12 Sierra and wants to update to 10.12.6. I'm on Elitebook 2570p. I'm planning to use the 10.12.6 combo update. What should I do to ensure a seamlessly update. I have a feeling I should do some git commands again after updating (before rebooting?).
  14. onoakino

    Dual boot OS X and Arch Linux with Clover?

    @hackNneddy thank you for your guide. Im tryng to achieve a triple boot. I had sierra, windows10, and ubuntu17.04 working on my single hard disk gpt uefi clover boot. I would like to install arch over ubuntu but i need to install it fast, so i opted to just install manjaro. Before I saw your...
  15. onoakino

    [Guide] How to configure your system's SMBIOS correctly?

    How do I make the changes I made on my config.plist stick and get effected by my hackintosh? I have a working sierra now except that i don't have working imessage and facetime. I followed the idiot's guide on making imessage work. I made a backup of my working config.plist and then made the...
  16. onoakino

    Disk Utility Restoration Mismatch

    I have a 1 terabyte hard drive with 4 guid partitions. The first is an empty 200GB partition named "El Capitan". Second is 150gb named "Mavericks" with working Mavericks. Third is 100gb partition i named "Windows" with working El Cap. The fourth took the remaining space and named it...
  17. onoakino

    Asrock H81M-VG4 and El Capitan 10.11.5

    Nevermind. I just applied the kexts giade included and now i have working audio. Hope nothing breaks. :) Thank you giade. PS: Giade, are you still having problems with audio after using the kexts you provided? And whats the fakepciid-intelHD kext for? (Im using onboard graphics and did not...