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  1. Brimstoney

    MacMan's Build: ASUS TUF Z390-PRO GAMING - i9-9900K - Vega 64 - Updated for 10.14.6 and NVRAM Support

    Hi, thanks for your effort on this, just got mine up and working, just a couple of questions. Seems that the WiFI doesn't work, is there a patch for that, or a special BIOS setting? What is involved with the Emulate NVRam patch? I attempted to update to the latest Clover and it hung, as far...
  2. Brimstoney

    [SOLVED] Chimera 1.8 and Chameleon SVN issue

    Re: Chimera 1.8 and Chameleon SVN issue Problem fixed. When I used the chameleon wizard I must have saved a bad boot flags. I re-installed easybeast, and then ran the cimera 1.8 now all is good and I have "restart..." with no spinning logo and all is working. yea!
  3. Brimstoney

    [SOLVED] Chimera 1.8 and Chameleon SVN issue

    I have been running Lion now for a while but was having the restart hang problem, so decided to try the new boot. However I can not get it to work. I first used Chameleon Wizard and would get hung at the apple logo, after numerous switches could not get it to boot. Tried the rboot disk and the...