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  1. jeffbbz

    AMD RX580

    Great! Thanks!
  2. jeffbbz

    AMD RX580

    sorry if this is a dumb question but the Gigabyte RX 580 GAMING 8GB is currently on sale for 200 bucks at newegg. Do I really need to spend 40 more bucks to get the Sapphire Pulse or will this be just as fine?
  3. jeffbbz

    Direct Update to macOS Sierra using Clover

    After the install do I need to keep "without caches" or can i uncheck that? What does that actually do?
  4. jeffbbz

    Clover crashing on 'scanning entries' because of software RAID

    Thanks Digitalm3! Although I originally had got this working using benjackson's method (so nicely updated by Apples2Oranges) upon an update to the latest Clover (after not updating for an insanely long time) that method no longer worked for some reason. However, switching to the HFSPlus driver...
  5. jeffbbz

    Clover crashing on 'scanning entries' because of software RAID

    :clap::clap::clap: Yes! Awesome! This worked. Thanks benjackson for the work and also ivorhoulker for your good summary. The wierd thing for me was that i haven't made any changes to my system in quite some time, and then very suddenly just today this happened. Anyone know the reason why it...
  6. jeffbbz

    Case advice for silent, simple powerful hackintosh

    Yeah I've got the R4 Blackout and I love it. The only downside is that it is quite heavy, even before you start filling it up with goodies. R5 looks sweet but for the current R4 on sale, it seems like a must buy (wish I'd waited a month, grrrr.)
  7. jeffbbz

    NEED GPU ADVICE! (For Adobe Premiere)

    If you are planning to move to 4K I would get a GPU with 4gb not 2. Also 760s and 770s work OOB without problems usually while the 750 does not and requires additional drivers and work.
  8. jeffbbz

    Any advice on these parts?

    That's crazy expensive for the CPU, why not get the 4790K which is newer and (at least right now on newegg) 85 dollars cheaper? Also I would add a SSD for you boot drive.
  9. jeffbbz

    Hackintosh Build

    I don't think anyone here is going to oversee your build step by step but people here are friendly, knowledgable and helpful so they will help you along the way when you have questions. As for a list of parts check the buyer's guide...
  10. jeffbbz

    How to Fix iMessage

    Thanks. If I get these and put them in will it work even though it already tells me to call them with the code? Or will I still have to call? Or if not would I be able to get in if I made a new apple ID and used the new ROM and MLB?
  11. jeffbbz

    How to Fix iMessage

    Like many here, I also appear to be locked out of iMessage and FaceTime. Everything was working fine on my Yosemite 10.10 install, but then I did a fresh install because of something stupid I did :oops:. I kept the same Serial and ROM and MLB and set them all in Clover Config. But on this new...
  12. jeffbbz

    OS X 10.10.1 Update

    Just Updated. UEFI Clover boot, GA-Z97X-UD5H, 4790K, Zero problems! Everything is exactly the same as before!
  13. jeffbbz

    What are correct CPU BusSpeedkHz & Latency values?

    Would it help me with Power Management at all? I can't seem to get that working, so I was wondering if changing those would somehow help?
  14. jeffbbz

    What are correct CPU BusSpeedkHz & Latency values?

    I know this thread is a couple months old but I'm also interested in know this. I used the auto-config option in Clover Configurator just to see what it would put there and it suggested Bus Speed of 99,768 for my i74790K. But the thing it suggested for latency was 0xfa. which i'm not sure what...
  15. jeffbbz

    10 Seconds of Fuzzy Monitor at login

    I've just gotten my first hack up and running with Clover and Yosemite and nearly everything is fine. One glitch that is not life or death but would be nice to get sorted out is that I get about 10 seconds of snow storm static fuzz on my monitor at login, Occasionally when i boot from shut...
  16. jeffbbz

    Audio not Working after Sleep - Yosemite, Clover

    Well, its not exactly the fix I was looking for but it works for me for now. If you use this app it basically just automatically resets the appleHDA.kext each time you wake from sleep. but you can set it to do everything...
  17. jeffbbz

    How to Fix iMessage

    Great Guide. I did everything has instructed and then finally got the call apple message. Called them, gave them my old macbook pro serial, and said it happened upgrading to Yosemite. The apple guy was friendly and didn't really ask many questions. He said it had even happened to him before...
  18. jeffbbz

    Audio not Working after Sleep - Yosemite, Clover

    Hmm...We may not able to fix this problem? Does this mean nobody has this working?
  19. jeffbbz

    Audio not Working after Sleep - Yosemite, Clover

    Yeah I'm in the same boat. I also used Toleda's guide for Clover and Yosemite and it worked fine but every time I wake up from sleep I have no sound until i restart. After wading through many pages of the guide fixing thread, I saw that he was going to start a thread for fixing that soon. Maybe...
  20. jeffbbz

    Post OS X Luxmark OpenCL Benchmarks

    Post OS X Yosemite Luxmark OpenCL Benchmarks Just GTX770 and CPU plus GPUs