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  1. ehsan58

    Precision 7520 Big Sur + OC freeze

    Greeting i am using BigSur on my system but when i remove power cord from laptop system will freeze i have attached my oc EFI folder here
  2. ehsan58

    airdrop & handsoff not work with ar9287

    hi i am going to use new pcie wifi on my asus desktop hackintosh, i have used this tutorial and did the things that toleda saw, but my airdrop is not working! when i search from my iphone it,s can't find my mac or when i...
  3. ehsan58

    hackintosh freeze when connect hdmi cable

    hi greeting to all i have installed my hackintosh successfully el capitan 10.11.6 - all thing is working the only problem is HDMI Display when i am connect my Dell HDMI Display to my laptop the system was gone to freeze specs: Asus ROG G751jy Cpu: Intel I7 4720HQ Vga: Nv GTX 980m Ram: 32GB...