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  1. burgurboy

    Dell T7400 acpi kernel panic. cannot reach installer

    Hey Guys, Having trouble with my dell t7400 (gtx 760). I'm using the legacy (Bios) clover setup but, still having no luck. I'm getting this KP:
  2. burgurboy

    Finder/Dock crash 10.10.4

    Hey guys. I've tried a million different install methods and this is the closest i've been to a fully functional machine. dell t7400 x2 xeon 5472 nvidia gtx 760 (works natively in osx/ no web drivers needed) fakesmc nullcpupowermanagement GraphicsEnabler=no finder is slow and...
  3. burgurboy

    Which Nvidia kext am I midding?

    Which Nvidia kext am I missing? Hey guys, Dell t7400 Xeon 5472 x2 Nvidia quadro fx5600 (or 9600gt) 8gb ddr2 640 ECC ram A09 bios I've got everything working on my dell t7400 except for video. I used multibeast/unibeast for installation. No DSDT but almost everything else works...
  4. burgurboy

    Dell t7400 post install finder crashes sluggishness, etc

    Hey guys, I posted this in another area but, this is probably the best spot. I've got a dell t7400 with 2 4gb sticks of ddr2 ecc ram and two x5472 xeon processors. I can't get it to run Yosemite smoothly for the life of me. I installed mavericks earlier today and it runs great. I even...
  5. burgurboy

    Dell t7400 incorrect processor speed

    Hey guys, I've got my t7400 booting on its own with a few kexts and unibeast. My issue now is, its running like garbage once it boots. It won't even run finder. Looking at the processor speeds in "about this mac", I'm seeing 2x 4.3. In reality, I'm running 2 3.0 x5472 xeons...