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  1. fontanero

    What reason not to sleep?

    Where can I see (if possible) the reason why he doesn't sleep? The screen turns off but the hack doesn't, when I press the keyboard it asks me for a password and I go to the desktop. I'm confused with the events console. Thank you
  2. fontanero

    APFS (30sec) TO HFS+ (9sec) boot times

    Hi, I have a Samsung 960 Evo NvME. Everything works fine in my hack but boot times were long (30 sec), I tried to change the APFS format to HFS + and the boot is less than half time. (9 sec) I do not know why ... but in my case the format change has been important.
  3. fontanero

    Census Motherboard 100% working

    Hello everyone, Tony I would like to know if it would be possible a census or a new thread of motherboards and models that are working 100% to make it a little easier to choose. Only those that are in the buyers guide or anyone. There are people who have everything running 100% and do not have...
  4. fontanero

    Beautiful MB Asrock H110M-STX for macmini

    Is perfect for macmini, os x works? :roll2: Hi, is perfect for
  5. fontanero

    A dsdt full patched is better than clover inject and options?

    Hello. i have MB msi H97I-AC and ssd Samsung nmve, i use graphics on board 4600+ dp only. Is possible with a DSDT patched optimized, minimal clover inject and options? Only with DSDT optimized. Thanks
  6. fontanero

    GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 & I7-6700 & sm951 nmve is works 100%?

    I decided to buy this mob, cpu I7-6700,ram 8x2 16 gb, ssd sm951 nmve, but I need someone who does tell me that everything works well. Thanks for help me.
  7. fontanero

    MB Asus Maximus VIII Gene or GA-Z170N Gaming 5??

    Hello guys, that's my question for compatibility with El Capitan . Thank you for your opinions .
  8. fontanero

    Isight Macbook 13 convert to USB and run like a charm

    Hi, I buy Isight from macbook 13 -A1181- and soldering wires to USB male and run video perfect. Tree wires: 2 Orange and one blue, but blue wire is two internal wires: Blue and brown Cables very very tiny and very delicate. Left to right wires direction: Orange GND (-) Orange VCC (+) Blue...
  9. fontanero

    H67N-USB3-B3 discontinued...

    Hi, I like made another hack, but is difficult found H67N-USB3-B3 that is discontinued. What is the best substitute mini-itx format and good DSDT? I like run HD3000. Thanks
  10. fontanero

    Mod old dongle usb wifi to usb bluetooth apple

    Hello, I show you a mod I made for a bluetooth module A1181, with an old wireless usb card. The regulator voltage is LM1117-3.3 All run like a charm, sleep, wake up, sync iPhone, etc, out issues I hope you like it. IMG_0400.jpg IMG_0402.jpg IMG_0396.jpg IMG_0398.jpg IMG_0404.jpg IMG_0408.jpg...
  11. fontanero

    Curiosity issue with airdrop

    Airdrop run perfect for me, but i update to 10.7.2 and activate iCloud assistant. Airdrop show icons but no run, impossible move files. Only run, when i delete Apple Id in control panel - Users and Group. With Apple Id, Airdrop issues. Why? :shock:
  12. fontanero

    AppleUSBCDC: start - initDevice failed

    Hi, i need help or any idea Coold boot = system like a charm Wake up =Activity Monitor (Kernel log) show: Oct 19 00:22:03 Mac-Mini kernel[0]: 0 0 AppleUSBCDC: start - initDevice failed lost connect keyboard and mouse bluetooth 3-4 sec and reconnect, each time same. Bluetooth adapter...
  13. fontanero

    (Solved) Need help Bluetooth module BCM94026MD to USB

    I buy Broadcom BCM94026MD Bluetooth card, wired are same A1114 module? Need resistance to 3,3v? Thanks
  14. fontanero

    New bios H67N-USB3-B3 F7 (solved sleep and wake up for me)

    Somebody patch this Bios? My F5 version sleep but not wake up, i hope this release fix the problem. With DSDT Tony F5 in extra and upgrade bios to F7, solved sleep issues, Wake up perfect. All system perfect like a charm. Bluetooth Belkin mini is perfect for my, keyboard, mouse and trackpad ok
  15. fontanero

    H67N-USB3-B3 F5 sleep but not wake up it

    Hi guys, i have a MB gigabyte H67N-USB3-B3 bios F5, Radeon 6870 Powercolor 1Gb, I5-2500k. DSDT in /extra -LION 10.7.1- Bios S3 Only fail Sleep, when i put to sleep, turn off, ok when i wake up it, turn on 3-4 sec and turn off, wake up = turn off. Some times, reset cmos. I patched applertc and...
  16. fontanero

    10.6.8 support TRIM enabled

    10.6.8 seems that a TRIM comes with support already activated. :?:
  17. fontanero

    powercolor 6870 1Gb OOB

    Install with iBoot and Multibeast - drivers ATI Run ok, 2xDVI. HDMI and 2xMiniDisplayport I dont know sound over hdmi, I have optical sound 5.1, i like more :P
  18. fontanero

    H67N-USB3-B3 & RADEON 6870 & I5 2500 almost OOB

    I installed whit Easybeast, lan, sound, power off = Ok , multiplier 31 else fail boot Only fail wake and Msrtools Cinebench 11.5 Cpu=4,61 and OpenGL=35,22 (same conf on W7-64=67,22 OpenGL O.o ) I think when dsdt for this mobo will be OOB I wait for dsdt patch. (un español que no tiene ni...
  19. fontanero

    SOLVED: H67N-USB3-B3 & RADEON 6870 boot and stop apple logo

    :D I install Bridgehelper and run, now then next step..... Hi, installed all ok, boot whit iboot and start desktop in full res, in system profiler show all of radeon ok, but i boot whitout iboot and stop y logo apple. I boot too whit -v and bot process screen black. In multibeast slected...
  20. fontanero

    Solved: H67N-USB3-B3 & I5 2500K & POWERCOLOR 6870

    1 DIMM DDR3 fail, i change it and another install.... :banghead: boot whit last version iboot, change cd to sl retail original, show installer and.... "Can not be installed mac os x in this computer" Restore copy from Time Machine or...