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  1. mitrovtsiy

    MSI Z490 Tomahawk + i7-10700k / Catalina 15.5.5 / OpenCore

    Hi. A few days ago I decided to update my hackintosh. I choose i7-10700k and MSI Z490 Tomahawk. After reading a few threads and playing few hours with clover I realize that it's not possible to run 10gen with clover (or I just not figured out how). So I use opencore 0.5.9 as a bootloader. I...
  2. mitrovtsiy

    BCM94352HMB - not working bluetooth

    Hi, yesterday i get a BCM94352HMB from aliexpress. Wifi is working correctly (even 5GHz), but i have some problems with BLE. I installed BrcmPatchRAM2.kext and BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext via KextUtility. Also i make clover patch for handoff. Bluetooth turned on and displayed in settings. And I can...
  3. mitrovtsiy

    Asus S301LA

    Hi everybody. Who can help to fix my DTST?:crazy: