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  1. Mystroe

    Recommended laptop

    Any suggestions on a laptop with a fairly painless installation? I'm thinking i7 with 8 or 16gb memory - mid range performance. A few years back I had the 4530s which was fairly painless and quite reliable - something similar but more up to date would be super.
  2. Mystroe

    MOBO Build signature options

    Could there be more motherboard options for build signatures? Under X99 ASUS, I was hoping to choose X99-S but it isn't available.
  3. Mystroe

    asus x99-s 5820k 950gtx

    Having problems installing El Capitan 11.5, I got through to the installer and successfully installed the first part, but on reboot to finish the rest of the installer I have had no luck. This is where I get to before reboot: I have previously managed to install el capitan on this system...
  4. Mystroe

    Wake up from sleep El Capitan

    Hi fellow OSX operators! I've been in the osx86 community for a while now, just upgraded to El Capitan with Clover and mostly have a fully working machine. In my maturing years I'm getting more and more addicted to energy saving as well as saving on the bills! So I'm keen to get my...
  5. Mystroe

    Recommend an OOB graphics card £100-175 / $150-$250

    Looking for recommendations on a fairly painless graphics card upgrade. Presently looking at GTX 760 and R9 280. Interested in similar price range and performance. Ideally I'd like to just plug it in and change GraphicsEnabler if necessary. All comments appreciated especially those on...
  6. Mystroe

    buying advice based on ACTIVITY MONITOR

    I'm doing some research on building a new hack geared up for running logic pro x. What would be great is any input on the crucial components. From what I can see, it looks like I need more processing power and RAM. I'm considering XEON vs i7. I think the main benefit of the xeon is...
  7. Mystroe


    Bluetooth {Solved} Thanks to all who have made the install a simple process. I used the Probook Installer 5b8 Bluetooth not working. I have the supported Atheros. Running Lion 10.7.0 Any suggestions would be well appreciated. Interestingly, the installer doesn't seem to be setting...
  8. Mystroe


    REPOSTED TO LION SECTION - APOLOGIES Thanks to all who have made the install a simple process. I used the Probook Installer 5b8 Bluetooth not working. I have the supported Atheros. Running Lion 10.7.0...
  9. Mystroe

    Good laptop for under £1k

    Any suggestions for a good laptop, with a fairly straight forward install process? Ideally an i5 or i7, 4gb ram upwards 15" screen Many thanks.
  10. Mystroe

    SATA 6Gb/s

    Has anyone got SATA 6Gb/s working? Anybody know of any kexts? Also has anyone tested the speed of their SATA hard drive?
  11. Mystroe

    Sleep/Stand by/Switching off

    Any one still having problems with powering down? My systems working sweetly but still not powering down properly. (Fans remain on etc.) All comments, experiences and suggestions appreciated.
  12. Mystroe

    2nd SATA connections SLOW

    Firstly thanks to Tony! My system is mainly blisteringly fast and stable. Next challenge is getting my other SATA connections working smoothly. Presently secondary SATA connections run really slow. I just bought a SATA DVD R/W. This barely works. On the other hand my IDE DVD R/W gives Usain...