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  1. Sword7

    [Solved] GC Alpine Ridge (rev 2.0) not recongized after TB3 driver install.

    I recently installed GC Alpine Ridge (rev 2.0) Thunderbolt 3 AIC card and followed instructions by installing drivers on Windows 10 system first to activate it. I successfully installed drivers but Device Manager did not show TB3 device. I ran Thunderbolt Software and it displayed complete...
  2. Sword7

    [Solved] After complete install, boot crashed immediately

    I successfully installed High Sierra OS X into my system and ran Multibeast v10.2.0 to complete system configuration. All done. When I reboot system, I selected OS X boot, it immediately crashed. Does anyone have solution with that? Thanks, Tim Look at my screenshot:
  3. Sword7

    The recovery server could not be contacted during macOS install

    I tried to install High Sierra (10.13.4) on my new system (Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7) but kept told that recovery server can't contacted. My system uses Intel 219V and Killer E2500. I tried 219V port but it still told me the same. Does anyone have any solution with that problem? Thanks, Tim
  4. Sword7

    [Solved] Clover EFI only display Windows boots.

    After I successfully installed macOS High Sierra with latest version of Unibeast on my MacBook Pro running macOS 10.13.4, I tried to boot it on my new Z370 system and it displays only Windows icons (did not see macOS boot on its own thumb drive). I think that it was formatted in APFS filesystem...
  5. Sword7

    Can't boot Install OS X Marvericks on MSi GT70 20C-017US - black screen

    Folks, I tried to boot Install OS X Marvericks with Clover boot manager on my MSi GT70 20C-017US (GeForce 770M and SSD raid). I selected that OS X icon on Clover boot manager but I just got black screen. No flash drive activity. That is all. I updated BIOS to E1763IMS.70A from...
  6. Sword7

    Can't boot UEFI thumb drives on GA-Z87X-UD7 TH but...

    Folks, Last Monday, I saw recent Clover installation guide on the front page. I was able make UEFI stick with Clover EFI and Mavericks OS X software. I tried to boot UEFI stick but Gigabyte UEFI BIOS can't see and boot it. I can't get it through because it does not display that UEFI boot...
  7. Sword7

    GA-Z87X-UD7 TH and m500 SSD - Mavericks boot issues

    [Resolved] GA-Z87X-UD7 TH and m500 SSD - Mavericks boot issues Folks, I successfully installed OS X Mavericks 10.9 on m500 SSD drive (2nd drive). my 1st drive contains Windows 8.1 Pro. I restarted system and was able boot Mavericks system on m500 through thumb drive. I ran Multibeast 6.1...
  8. Sword7

    10.8.1 update, MB 5.0.2 and non-DSDT ALC 889 audio time-out issues

    Hello folks, I recently updated to 10.8.1 with standalone installer. I tried to re-install audio kexts with new MB 5.0.2 but audio did not work. I tried to play video clips but videos stopped at 5 seconds due to lack of audio support. I looked into system.log and found that sound...
  9. Sword7

    Sucess - ASUS Maximus IV Extreme mobo but still direct boot problems.

    Hello folks, I sucessfully installed Mountain Lion into Maximus IV Extreme mobo but there are still unsolved direct-boot issues. It only boots through Unibeast v1.5 thumb drive normally. With direct boot drive, it cause endless of reboot and all kext reloads. Possible bug in Chimera...
  10. Sword7

    Help! Endless of reboot from boot drive and AppleHDA - kernelcache problems

    Hello folks, After I ran MultiBeast 4.6.1 to set up kext drivers and tried to reboot system from boot drive. Endless loop of all kexts reloaded and reboots.... I looked into system.log and did not found any. With UniBeast bootloader, I was able boot through. I tried to change boot...
  11. Sword7

    Help! iPad not charging while running ML/Lion.

    Hello folks, my iPad is not charging while running ML/Lion. iPad is only charging while running Windows. Does anyone know any settings to enable charging for iPad? Thanks, Sword7
  12. Sword7

    Help! RocketRAID 644 eSATA card not working

    Hello folks, After OS X ML installed, it no longer see my external eSATA drives in multibay case. Only OS X Lion can natively see them through RocketRAID cards. When OS X Mountain Lion was released, all native kexts were removed. So I had to download kexts from Highpoint website and tried...
  13. Sword7

    Help! Multibeast setting -> Endless loop of reboot and all kexts loaded

    Hello folks, After I sucessfully installed ML 10.8 into one of partitions and ran Multibeast to installed kexts and set up boot settings, I tried to rebooted system. Also, it ended up endless loop of reboot and all kexts loaded. When all kexts were loaded, reboot happens so fast and I...
  14. Sword7

    Video clips stopped 5 secs after started

    [Solved] Video clips stopped 5 secs after started Hello folks, I tried video clips on websites but video clips froze 5 secs after started. Does anyone have any solutions with that? Thanks, Sword7
  15. Sword7

    After installed OSX ML, booting problems.

    Hello folks, I finally resolved a ATI6000Controller.kext problem. I had deleted it from Unibeast-installed thumb drive and it finally went through. I installed OSX ML into one of partitions successfully. I was able boot it through thumb drive and put ATI6000Controller.kext back to S/L/E...
  16. Sword7

    ATI Radeon HD 6870 - White screen with a mouse pointer

    Hello folks, I bought OS X ML 10.8 from app store and downloaded it. I ran UniBeast 1.5 to set up my thumb drive. It only took 10-15 minutes to complete. Yes, I am using new 8 GB USB 3.0 Patriot XT supersonic thumb drive. I restarted system and tried boot it. I always ended up white...
  17. Sword7

    Flash video player freezing after 2-3 seconds

    Hello folks, I tried to watch some video on and a few websites using flash video player but flash player froze after 2-3 seconds starting. I tried to disable HW accelration in settings but it still froze after 2-3 seconds. Does anyone have any solution with flash player problems...
  18. Sword7

    Problem: Mac App Store - downloads

    Hello folks, I purchased and downloaded some apps from Mac App store. Downloads are completed but some are not in /Applications but show up in Launchpad as icons. I tried to re-download "Install OS X Lion" app for 10.7.2 from that app store but it was not in my /Applications folder but is...
  19. Sword7

    How to create recovery HD partition?

    Hello folks, Does anyone have any good solutions for how to set up recovery HD partitions? A few apps like Parallels Desktop 7 and FileVault 2 requires recovery HD partition. Thanks, Sword7
  20. Sword7

    Good News! VMWare Fusion 4/OS X Lion direct install.

    Hello folks, I now have two VM managers on OS X Lion system. I tried to set up OS X Lion guest with Parallels Desktop 7 but it requires recovery HD partition on my system (Problem ID 397). I do not have recovery partition. I tried different ways but it did not work. I finally gave up...