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  1. PacificOcean

    BigSur wifi not work

    Hi everyone! I have Brcm4331 wifi card and it work ok in Catalina but not work in BigSur. I think my model drop support already. Anyone can suggest me another model can work in Bigsur and support long time. Thank!
  2. PacificOcean

    Open Core Catalina stuck

    Hi everyone, Please help to resolve this issue using opencore 0.5.8 My EFI folder
  3. PacificOcean

    Rx 580 with 2k monitor

    Hello everyone I have an issue related to my monitor. When i boot with dual monitor (FULL HD & 2K monitor) everything it work well. But when boot with only 2k monitor. I see the clover have new screen and not show apple logo to booting.... but it still working to go the home screen after boot...
  4. PacificOcean

    HIS RX 580 working but fans not spinning

    Hello everyone! I have an issue for the His Radeaon RX 580. Every thing it working but fan not spinning. When i'm using the VGTab_en app for create the kext for card but fans still not work. Everyone can help me resolved it This my config.plist and EFI folder
  5. PacificOcean

    Solved > Mojave can not shutdown or restart

    Hello everyone! I have an issues for the Mojave version. I'm using the latest version 10.14.3. Everything working good but i can not shutdown or restart. When i'm using verbose mode i saw the log: private/var/install/shutdown_installer_task: no such file or directory Anyone can help me resolved...
  6. PacificOcean

    Solved > UHD 630 graphic not working

    Hello everyone I have installed MacOS Mojave in my computer Core i5 - 9600K Main: Asus B360 When I'm install success I have see the graphic not received full the GPU RAM. I'm attach the file config of me. Please help me resolved this issue. Sorry my English not good Thanks