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  1. madmac

    How to fully clone Big Sur from HDD to SDD?

    CCC, says " If you allow CCC to erase this volume at the begining of the task, CCC can create a bootable copy of macOs on this volume, " Then click Allow CCC to erase "Volume Name "
  2. madmac

    How to fully clone Big Sur from HDD to SDD?

    I can confirm the the latest version of CCC, does work, it simply asked for permission, to erase the Destination drive. Exact wording I will get and post in the morning. After i cloned my drive, I mounted the source drive EFI, and destination drive EFI partitions, Then copied the EFI folder...
  3. madmac

    How to fully clone Big Sur from HDD to SDD?

    I have always used CarbonCopyCloner, been using for many years now, including cloning BigSur, No issues at all.
  4. madmac

    [Guide] Booting The USB Installer Using OpenCore

    Thank you Sir, will let everyone know how it works out.
  5. madmac

    [Guide] Booting The USB Installer Using OpenCore

    Thanks for waiting: As reported by CPU-Z Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz Coffee Lake Northbridge Intel Coffee Lake rev. 07 Southbridge Intel CM246 rev. 10 Intel Graphics: UHD 630 Nvidea Quadro P1000
  6. madmac

    [Guide] Booting The USB Installer Using OpenCore

    Thanks for the quick reply, I will get home shortly and find that info. ( Should have broght it in to work I guess ) Cheers
  7. madmac

    [Guide] Booting The USB Installer Using OpenCore

    @Feartech I already have a working HP Desktop 600 G2 with Catalina, Now going to try on a HP Zbook 17 G5 i7 Laptop, which config.plist do you suggest. And using your method ( On Windows ) is it best to do it right on the Laptop to be installed. Cheers
  8. madmac

    [Guide] Booting The USB Installer Using OpenCore

    From within disk part convert gpt
  9. madmac

    ZBook 15 G3 success (i7-6700hq)

    Yippee, I have the Zbook G5 i7 version, updated Bios to latest, I now have OSX 10.14.x installed, noticeable thing not working Of course is WiFi, However I use a USB to RJ45 adapter, This machine is awesome for running MAC OSX. Thanks everyone again for the great guides.
  10. madmac

    HP EliteDesk 800 G2 / HP ProDesk 600 G2 - SUCCESS

    Thank you all for the Tips, Now have Installed and updated Mojave, on Prodesk 600 G2 SFF., Onboard Graphics Intel HD 530 Using Display port to DVI adapter, in the port nearest the PS2 Keyboard connection. 1920x1080 resolution. Can upload my clover config if anyone needs it. U
  11. madmac

    No mouse cursor - Mojave

    I have an old HP desktop 6300, i5, 16Gb RAM, Bios at 2.90, Running Mojave 10.14.2, I added an Nvidea GT520 , but yet , No mouse, shows up Very difficult to do what you are saying with no mouse,
  12. madmac

    OS X 10.9.4 Update

    Took the plunge, did backup first , updated to 10.9.4 on my Asus P8 H61-MLX i5 8Gb RAM 1Tb Hdd dual boot win7 + OSX Had to reinstall Voodoo_HDA_2.8.5_MAV.pkg, to get sound back, but everything else works
  13. madmac

    Dual Boot Windows 8 and Mountain Lion on 4530s

    working on getting my 4530s dual booting also. Can you direct me to the Probook 5.0b8 installer or latest version please guys. Thanks MadMac
  14. madmac

    Guide for Installing Lion on the 4530s Version 3

    Awsome.. took some time to get it working but after I had many failures, " Clone the Drive " just in case. I found I had to do the install, then download the 10.7.2 combo update, then run your attached HP Probook installer. only then I could reboot without flash drive and everything works, yup...
  15. madmac

    ASUS-P5G41T-M LX Guide + tips

    Hi all just bought the same board : Asus P5G41T-MLX, Can those who got SL or Lion installed please confirm what BIOS version you have, as my mobo is new it already has 0803 bios, dual core quad, 4Gb RAM etc fails to install, just hangs. thanks madmac
  16. madmac

    P5G41T-M LX issues

    Hi wannabe360 can you let me know where your blog is, I would like to see the piccys. Thanks madmac
  17. madmac

    Mac OS X 10.6.5 Update - The Official Thread

    updated to 10.6.5 KP on reboot, will check again to see where it fails. My system: hp pro 3000 Desktop Dual core 3.08 4Gb Ram 160Gb Hard drive Onboard video, sound and Nic. madmac
  18. madmac

    Audio then no audio

    Problem Solved so simple I over looked it. I installed Kext Utility. Found a VoodooHDA Kext, dragged it onto the util Icon, enter password. Installed successfull. Reboot, Check sound, Yipeeeeee Thanks again Tony for a great site. Asus P5Q-SE PLUS Core 2Quad 2.4 4Gb OCZ RAM Video Card...
  19. madmac

    Audio then no audio

    Hi tony, awsome job you are doing on this project. Been trying to solve a dilema I have Using your guide iboot-multibeast-install-mac-os-x-on-any-intel-based-PC Using iBoot Nvidea, I boot with iboot, change DVD to SL Retail 10.6.3, Complete the install no problems, I do have sound after the...