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  1. ersterhernd

    macOS 11.0 Big Sur is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    Fought with a relentless kernel panic for several days. Could not even boot the 11.0.1 installer. Same issue related to IOUSBFAMILY and IOUSBHOSTFAMILY Kexts in the KP backtrace. Two systems, one Ryzen 3700x and the other an Ivy Bridge. Using OC 0.6.3 all green check marks in the Sanity...
  2. ersterhernd

    Quick question about 15" iMac G4 DVI Conversion

    There was a few of us who built 17" iMac G4's a few years back and made this error. Fortunately didnt get stung with a failure before realizing the voltage issue and getting it reworked properly. Cheers
  3. ersterhernd

    G4 iMac Screen help

    I can appreciate that you've done a lot of work to get your configuration functioning, its not easy. I don't understand, however, why you've chosen the connecting block method as shown in your post. Other mods have had success using this part as it is directly pin size compatible with the LCD...
  4. ersterhernd

    Ersterhernds iMac G5 20 Inch A1076 Project

    I used the pinout diagram the Kiwi supplied with his build a few years ago. Its flawless.
  5. ersterhernd

    A1181 Bluetooth USB Stick

    I recently embarked upon a fun little project to re-purpose a couple of older USB WiFi sticks into Apple A1181 Bluetooth Sticks. The WiFi sticks weren't being used anymore and I had a couple of extra Apple BT modules in the closet, so I grabbed my dremel tool and soldering iron and set to work...
  6. ersterhernd

    Ersterhernds iMac G5 20 Inch A1076 Project

    Thx carl. This is my 4th one of these A1076 units. In my opinion, they're the primo iMac to mod. Nothing touches them. I made one significant breakthrough in this one, in that I found a way to isolate the USB ports from each other and re-use them by soldering to the leads on the backside...
  7. ersterhernd

    iMac 24 2006 Mod- Safety Questions

    It'll be a necessary first step to test and label all pinouts from a running 24" Machine to determine which wires are which. I may have found one on CL, see if it works out. So far haven't been lucky in finding any info from this being done previously. Cheers Ersterhernd
  8. ersterhernd

    Ersterhernds iMac G5 20 Inch A1076 Project

    Back in January I purchased an absolutely pristine iMac G5 A1076 20" and a BNIB NUC D54250WYK on Craigslist, on the same day! Spent the last couple of months working on another build. Everything works great, including stereo Apple Chime at startup. I'll add details to this post when I get...
  9. ersterhernd

    iMac 24 2006 Mod- Safety Questions

    Is there no way to use the controller board to control only the LVDS signalling and NOT the backlights? I'm wondering why you'd need a special aftermarket PSU in there when re-using the iMac PSU has been done numerous times before in other models. I'll look into this further when I actually...
  10. ersterhernd

    An Amazing Find for My Next Project -- iMac G4 20"

    I could not get any continuity from the ethernet port to the solder points on the backside of the logic board. Theres some form of powered switch in the port that 'turns it on' when the iMac starts. Thus I could not get it to work. Also be careful as the LED power function runs through the...
  11. ersterhernd

    An Amazing Find for My Next Project -- iMac G4 20"

    No, the A1076 panel behaves itself and shuts down like it should.
  12. ersterhernd

    An Amazing Find for My Next Project -- iMac G4 20"

    Yes some iSight G5 LCD's do that annoying color loop when going to sleep or powering off. Too bad about your G4 Panel. I hope you can resolve the issue successfully. Cheers
  13. ersterhernd

    An Amazing Find for My Next Project -- iMac G4 20"

    The white wire shown in the photo is a standalone separate one, it goes to ground or pin 17 on HDMI. The shielding can be soldered to a heavy gauge wire and grounded pretty much anywhere. If you're using a block connector to HDMI then pins 18 and 19 can be directly connected via a 1k resistor...
  14. ersterhernd

    iMac 24 2006 Mod- Safety Questions

    Hi FlyingApple, Could you post a link to the LVDS converter you purchased? I'm interested in pursuing this mod as well, but am perplexed by the LVDS and 75w power requirement for the panel backlights. I've only modded TMDS systems up to this point, in various forms. Thanks Ersterhernd
  15. ersterhernd

    Ersterhernds iMac G5 (iSight 20 A1145) Project

    Hi nudoli, The A1145 has significantly less interior space than the A1076, due to the tapered design towards the outer edges. The A1145 is also harder to work on if you need to get back inside, because you have to remove the front bezel and screen to get at the internals. I modded two iSight...
  16. ersterhernd

    Ersterhernd's NUCiMac G4

    If I jog my memory, it was not so much the wires themselves, but the female connecting pins on the ends that were the issue. I've retired both of my 17" builds to re-use parts elsewhere but still use the 20" iMac G4 as a showcase retro system in my office. The empty shells of the 17 inchers sit...
  17. ersterhernd

    macOS High Sierra 10.13 Supplemental Update

    Spent the day updating my i5 NUC D54250WYK (iMac G5 case) system to High Sierra. Got considerable graphics corruption using both Chrome and Firefox browsers. The screen would flicker out of control from the bottom to about an inch above the dock at the base. Safari seemed to behave ok, but...
  18. ersterhernd

    Gigabyte z170mx gaming 5 unstable, memory related?

    To make sure its a memory issue why not try making a bootable USB of memtest86 and starting up to that. Just let it run. Time will tell if memory is certainly your issue or not. Cheers and Good Luck.
  19. ersterhernd

    Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

    This may have been posted before, but I just discovered it myself so figured I'd put it up. It may work with other cards, too, not just mine. With my R9 280X I wanted to some flexibility with adjusting the clocks and fan curve without flashing the VBIOS. Windows 10 allows that with several...
  20. ersterhernd

    Ersterhernds iMac G5 (iSight 20 A1145) Project

    Hi colingmo, Its great to see another iMac project beginning after a long period of the 'doldrums' on this forum. The iSight 20" is a real challenge because it is VERY shallow in depth, but makes a terrific mod, ours is still used every day nearly 3 years after completion. It uses the same...