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  1. grassmudhorse

    DW1560 Unlock with Apple Watch

    Same problem here, is there a solution for it now?
  2. grassmudhorse

    Broadcom DW1820A crashing both Windows and OS X

    I have got the exact same problem on my desktop. Did you solve this problem?
  3. grassmudhorse

    [Guide] HackrNVMeFamily co-existence with IONVMeFamily using class-code spoof

    @RehabMan I am trying to use the trick on my second SSD (non-system). Basically I want to use the stock IONVMeFamily kext for the system SSD and use this for PM981. The problem I am having is that half of the time this works. And if I can boot into the system, I can see one device is assigned...
  4. grassmudhorse

    NVMe Power management support - APST

    Are you using PM981 as well? Did you use HackNVMeFamily or simply the NVMefix kext? I have it as my second ssd, using NVMefix by itself resulting in very strange bench mark. like 10M writing for queued writing test.
  5. grassmudhorse

    How to debug Lilu Plugin?

    I tried that too. The problem is there is no output for Lilu as well.
  6. grassmudhorse

    How to debug Lilu Plugin?

    I tried debug package but still Lilu does not have debug output. I read somewhere this seems to be a OC issue? People switching to Clover has output.
  7. grassmudhorse

    NVMe Power management support - APST

    I have the same Laptop as you do, the X1C6. I am not able to see the PMProxy, or APST on both of my SSD. So I have no idea if NVMEFix is working or not. The link you showed me is related to OC, they are saying Clover can print stuff. I have NVMeFix running on my HP laptop with Clover, everything...
  8. grassmudhorse

    NVMe Power management support - APST

    I have exactly the same problem. Are you able to get any debug output?
  9. grassmudhorse

    How to debug Lilu Plugin?

    I am trying to debug NVMeFix to see why it is not loaded properly for my drive. I am using the debug version of the NVMeFix itself and the debug version of Lilu. I am using the release version of OC 0.63. I have added "keepsyms=1 -liludbg -nvmefdbg" to the boot arg. However, there is nothing...
  10. grassmudhorse

    Does anyone have perfectly working BCM94352z/DW1560 Windows 10 1903 driver?

    How are you able to put this into X1C6? Isn't this a E card instead of AE card?
  11. grassmudhorse

    Command line to power off PCIE card?

    Thanks for the software! I had this app installed. It is strange that no kext is loaded. But I think the reason I have a way to turn it off is that OS X treats it as a removable PCIE device (without knowing what it is). Anyway, now there is a working kext for 525a, I guess I can keep it.
  12. grassmudhorse

    Command line to power off PCIE card?

    I have followed those online tutorial for graphic cards. What they do is to mismatch the vendor or class-id. However the PCIE device can still be seen. This PCIE device has a very weird feature HotPlug=True. I can see it in the IOReg. I tried to set the value for it, did not seem to work. No...
  13. grassmudhorse

    Command line to power off PCIE card?

    Hi, I have a Realtek 525a PCIE sd card reader on my HP laptop that there is no kext. But there is an icon on the menu bar to power it off. I want to find a way to write a script to turn it off (so I can run the script every time the laptop boots or come back from sleep). Is there an easy way to...
  14. grassmudhorse

    macOS + Win dual boot (at same disk) with OpenCore

    I have a working Catalina with Clover and on the same drive with my pre-installed windows on my HP laptop. No chance for a secondary ssd. I put OC in EFI and it won't boot at all, the same OC files work from USB. Any chance at all that I don't have to erase and re-partition the whole SSD to make...
  15. grassmudhorse

    Apple Previews macOS 11.0 Big Sur - Available Fall 2020

    X86 lines will exist for sometime mainly for the Pro stations. I doubt that ARM can achieve Xeon level in a few years. Most likely all the pro lines will still be in X86 while non pro lines will be ARM.
  16. grassmudhorse

    [SOLVED] Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th Gen Battery Life

    no, there is a ssdt patch to it.
  17. grassmudhorse

    Laptop Power Consumption

    What laptop model are you using? MacbookPro 15,4? I think your 8650U has a better power consumption than mine. Also are you using OC or Clover?
  18. grassmudhorse

    Laptop reboots consistently on wake from sleep, no kernel panic. Here's what I've tried; what did I miss?

    This is Problem since 10.15.4. You can also have the following in the command: sudo nvram wake-failure=%00%00%00%00%00
  19. grassmudhorse

    Laptop Power Consumption

    So your lowest power consumption is also above 2 watts? By the way what is LFM 400?