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  1. enef

    No audio - Asrock H170M-ITX-DL

    system: macOS Sierra 10.12.1 core i3-6100 ASrock H170M-ITX/DL NVIDIA GT 740 2GB 500 GB sata drive I read on a few forums the correct driver post multibeast is ALC 892. Can someone confirm this? It installed the drivers but I am not getting sound. I also looked in the manual it says 892. Is...
  2. enef

    Streaming from itunes hangs system

    My system is running well. But when i try to stream from y itunes the entire system locks up. Any ideas?
  3. enef

    apps stuck on waiting in the app store

    as stated. trying to figure out why these two apps are stuck in waiting, ive tried to resume, ive tried everything and its just stuck.
  4. enef

    10.10.1 update

    just updated to 10.10.1 Core i5 Gigabyte H97-D3H 8 GB DDR3 1600 after update, computer stalls on apple loading logo booting with -v stalls on unsupported CPU power management booting -x is the only way to enter system i repaired the permissions and no such luck WIFI stopped working, utility...
  5. enef

    Terrible speeds with EDIMAX EW-7811Un

    i mean its bad. i dont know if its a driver issue, but the speed at which im downloading an update is terrible. Is it cause this USB is awful or that i did something wrong?
  6. enef

    apple loading screen distorted?

    Wondering what the issue this might be caused by. computer is hooked via HDMI to a 24 inch acer. Doesnt matter what monitor is connected, it just does this after the initial loading, goes black, then goes to this. It loads perfectly fine and the computer runs great Any ideas?
  7. enef

    Belkin USB Adapters?

    I have a N150 USB wireless card I am not sure if I am reading this right, but it looks like its supported on 10.9 from the mediatek DL page: The wiki page tells me its...
  8. enef

    Install issue Panic and hangs

    core i5 4590 Gigabyte H97-D3H 8 GB DDR3 1600 Intel HD 4600 I cant even get to the install cause it either hangs or it gives a kernal panic Using the latest unibeast Tried multiple boot flags. Any suggestions?
  9. enef

    Only able to boot into safe mode

    Hell. I recently made a new build for a friend and the install went fine but I am only allowed to boot into safe mode. I tried booting with -v and it just loads so slowly and doesnt get to the login screen. -v -f and i get a gray screen if i just boot with -x it just goes to safe mode and...
  10. enef

    Which Kext files are for the PS2 keyboard/mouse support?

    i only had a PS2 keyboard on hand when i installed now i have 2 USB mouse and keyboard. Which Kext files do i remove? i used the latest Multibeast.
  11. enef

    10.10 is running great. Issues with app store, icloud, & iMessages

    At first it worked fine, but for some reason i cant log in to my app store or any other feature with my account. Gives me an activation error now on iMessage and says my computer cant be verified. Never had this issue and I am puzzled. Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. enef

    GTX 660 SC with Nvidia driver reads 0MB of video memory

    With the default that came with Yosemite it properly read 2048 and now it reads 0 after switching to the web driver. Reason?
  13. enef

    Trying to update from Mavericks. Few issues

    I am unable to get it to boot properly. First when booting from the USB created with Unibeast 5.0.1 i got a kernal panic. Then I tried to reboot from the usb it tells me fant find mach_kernal any ideas? Unibeast took forever to work. Then this. I am still able to log into Mavericks.
  14. enef

    New to hackintosh, first build

    Hello. thanks for viewing, i recently built a new hackintosh and am currently on the OS and all seems to be running fine but i want to make sure that i have no performance loss. i notice a little jitter with my mouse. My graphics seem to be running fine but i tried LuxMark benching and it didnt...