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  1. kylerphillip

    Choppy bluetooth audio

    When using Bluetooth Audio such as headphones I get choppy audio when listening to music. I'm using an Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD and also a MX Master 3 connected and also have handoff enabled just for a bit of background. Is there anyway I can improve this? I don't have any audio bluetooth...
  2. kylerphillip

    Connect iMac Display (5k) to EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 760

    Is it possible to connect a hackintosh PC using an EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 to a 5k iMac display using some sort of DisplayPort to DVI adapter. Looking for a way around purchasing a new monitor.
  3. kylerphillip

    LG 5k Display

    Do any motherboards support USB-C display methods for the LG 5K displays?
  4. kylerphillip

    Security on OS X El Capitan

    What are some best practices to keep El Capitan secure, also related to hackintosh relevant for example FileVault is quite difficult to enable, so any others would be welcomed! Thanks
  5. kylerphillip

    Triple boot Linux, OS X and Windows

    I'm using Clover currently to boot OS X from my SSD and Windows from my HDD. I'd like to now go a little further and install Linux/Ubuntu on another drive - what are the best methods for doing this?
  6. kylerphillip

    Full Disk Encryption

    Is there anyway to enable full disk encryption/FileVault on a hackintosh?
  7. kylerphillip

    USB 3.0 Front Headers not working after Windows dual boot install

    Hi guys, Any ideas why my USB 3.0 headers do not work after installing Windows on a spare HDD - I have OS X installed on an SSD using Clover?
  8. kylerphillip

    Gigabyte z97x-ud5h dsdt

    Are there any DSDT edits for the GIGABYTE Z97X-UD5H motherboard?
  9. kylerphillip

    Clover Config Notification

    Any way to prevent this annoying notification popping up after I open Clover Config?
  10. kylerphillip

    After Windows Install - Macintosh HD appears as external disk

    For some strange reason, after installing Windows 10, my Macintosh HD now appears on my desktop as an external disk - will this cause any problems in the long run? I am able to boot from both Windows (HDD) and OS X (SSD) Drives still, and unplugged each separately when installing the according...
  11. kylerphillip

    Removing Clover Boot Options

    What's the best way to remove these extra Clover boot options I have? I only need the last 3 on the right?
  12. kylerphillip

    Uninstalling Audio ALC 1150

    What's the best way to uninstall Clover ALC 1150 todela patch?
  13. kylerphillip

    What is TRIM support?

    Apoligies if this is a stupid question or has been covered somewhere else, but could someone explain to me what TRIM support is for an SSD and if it's required? I have OS X installed successfully on my SSD using Clover but would like to know more about TRIM - I've check and it appears TRIM...
  14. kylerphillip

    BCM94360CD Bootcamp Windows Drivers

    Does anyone know where I can find the drivers for the BCM94360CD card, I need bluetooth up and running for Mouse and Keyboard and Wi-Fi?
  15. kylerphillip

    Sony MDR-XB950BT Bluetooth Headphones

    Hi Guys, Is there any way to get these headphones up and running with my hackintosh with this Bluetooth card? Sound works fine using headphones, sound bar using toleda/audio_CloverALC on Realtek's ALC 1150. Any advice would be...
  16. kylerphillip

    Bluetooth Headphones

    If I were to purchase a pair of bluetooth headphones would they work natively with Apple Broadcom Bcm94360cd or would I need to install something extra to get this configuration working? Thanks
  17. kylerphillip

    Updating Clover via Clover Configurator

    My Clover Configurator says there is an update to perform, what's the recommended way to do this? Just run the Clover package on top of my current installation? Any advice would be great cheers
  18. kylerphillip

    Interfacing with CPU temperature HWMontior not working

    Hey guys, Any ideas why I'm only able to see a limited amount when using HWMonitor, I remember being able to see CPU temperature etc... Any advice would be welcomed
  19. kylerphillip

    Video not display correctly

    Hi guys, Any idea why randomly my video displays as below? El Capitan 10.11.1
  20. kylerphillip

    APPLE BROADCOM BCM94360CD Windows Scrolling

    I have the Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD from OSXwifi successfully installed on my rig working on OS X and Windows 10 with my Wireless Mouse and Keyboard. Is there any way to enable the scrolling using the wireless mouse on Windows as supported similarly by OS X?