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  1. MrOptimistic16

    Does Vega 56 Support by Mojave OOB?

    Aside from RX series does vega series specifically 56 is supported by mojave oob? Thanks
  2. MrOptimistic16

    Dual Black Screen Powercolor 7790

    Hi anyone can help me having a dual black screen on my monitor when plugging the second monitor. Got an old video card is this card doesn't support dual-screen? I'm using Intel HD 530 before with Lilu and whatever green. Mojave 10.14.6 Thank you
  3. MrOptimistic16

    No display second monitor

    Hi Everyone, First of all, I've tried to research how this issue can be fixed but there's a lot of them and I'm still a newbie and don't know where to start. I have two monitors one is 1440p using Display Port and the second one which the one that doesn't have display 1080p using HDMI. This is...
  4. MrOptimistic16

    Solved > Enable 1440p

    Is there an easy way to enable 1440p other than this steps? My ig-platform-id is set to 0x19120000 does changing it to 0x19120001 will fix the problem? Thank you Btw i'm using HDMI Cable Thanks in advance SOLVED...
  5. MrOptimistic16

    El Capitan drive not showing on clover boot after repair disk

    hi guys i'm having problem with my el capitan when booting verbose mode it gives me error cannot mount root error 19 so i research and find the same problem with me the solution is repair disk i did it using my el...
  6. MrOptimistic16

    stuck distorted apple logo when trying to install mac os sierra

    hey guys i'm trying to install fresh sierra on my ssd unfortunately after booting i'm stuck with distorted apple logo before installation screen take note i do have broken el capitan installed on my ssd thanks which when booting -v it gives me error cannot mount root error = 19
  7. MrOptimistic16

    Prohibited sign on boot up

    Hey guys my hackintosh is working fine for almost 3 months until this morning, i boot it up then stuck with prohibited sign on it, try to use verbose mode and it's giving me this kind of error cannot mount root, errno = 19 take note that i didn't do anything with my hackintosh i just normally...
  8. MrOptimistic16

    Cannot mount HDD (Tuxera NTFS)

    Hey guys good evening can anyone help me? i cannot mount my 1tb hdd internal hard drive using tuxera ntfs, i formatted the hdd using windows (ntfs default) by the way the hdd doesn't have windows on it only games movies picture videos etc. lastly i'm running dual boot osx and windows 10 on...
  9. MrOptimistic16

    Can't boot recovery partition

    Anyone having a problem booting on their recovery partition? i need to disable SIP unfortunately i'm stuck on the apple logo when booting on recovery partition
  10. MrOptimistic16

    How hide partitions on clover bootloader?

    Hi guys can you help me to hide the other partition on my clover boot loader? right now i think there's 5 external that is showing on my boot loader the system reserved etc. thanks i'm not sure if this is the right guide because this will remove boot entries while mine is only showing 4 (2 boot...
  11. MrOptimistic16

    No wake up after sleep

    hey guys anyone can help me to fixed my hackintosh? it seems when it goes to sleep it doesn't wake up any more :( the fan/lights of the cpu are all working i tried to change darkwake=no still no luck :( Specs: i7 6700k asus formula viii intel hd 530 (no graphics cards) 16gb ram osx el capitan
  12. MrOptimistic16

    Stock at Apple Logo

    Guys can anyone help me? i'm stock with apple logo after the clover boot installation there's no progress on the progress bar :( my motherboard is asus rog formula viii thanks