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  1. daeklove

    Solved > 10.15.4 on a Dell Latitude E7270 M.2 12.5" Touch

    I tried using your EFI Folder and can get up and running but i must keep my finger on touchpad and at some point it stops working but not crash. just gets so slow can't do anything, however i started with 10.15.5, not 10.15.3 or 10.15.4. may be the reason. can't imagine they changed that much...
  2. daeklove

    Solved > *Successful* Dell Latitude E7270 macOS Catalina Installation 10.15.4

    the version i am using is 10.15.5. all the clover folders i am using not 10.15.3 & .4 should this make to big of a difference? How can i download older versions?
  3. daeklove

    Solved > *Successful* Dell Latitude E7270 macOS Catalina Installation 10.15.4

    I have it installed but very sluggish to point it slows down to nothing. Any ideas?
  4. daeklove

    My budget build - High Sierra, MSI B250M Pro Opt Boost, i3-7350k, HD 630

    Can't get the motherboard to see the HD. Any ideas?
  5. daeklove

    Apple Updates MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac with Kaby Lake CPUs

    Apple could also be doing the same types of tricks as hackintoshers do to make KabyLake seen as SkyLake because the speed is so high no one would be able to tell the difference. The difference is Apple does need to use external config files. They wrote the SMBIOS and API and can spoof the...
  6. daeklove

    UniBeast 4.02 Crashes my Macbook Pro while creating Mavericks Install USB 10.9.4

    Everytime i try to create a USB flash drive with UniBeast 4.02 and Mavericks 10.9.4 my Macbook crashes. Macbook is running 10.9.5. Have downloaded 10.9.4. UniBeast starts and gets to where it is creating the Volumes folder on the flash drive and then it crashes. Any ideas?