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  1. IvanDanilov

    How to disable 1080 GTX?

    Hello, Installed on the Computer hackintosh. I use an integrated graphics processor. But the computer also has a 1080 GTX. How do I disable it? The fans are very noisy. ------------------- Google translate <3 U
  2. IvanDanilov

    Install Error on MSI x99s SLI PLUS

    Hello. I badly understand English, but I think you will understand me :rolleyes:. Im have PC: MB: MSI x99s SLI PLUS (Bios ver.: E7885IMS v1.11(1B0)) CPU: i7-5930K GPU: NVIDIA Gigabyte 980 TI G1 Gaming RAM: 64 GB DDR4 (8x8) When I try to start the installation of OsX. I get the error: Or: