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  1. Fetoveraxeln

    Mac Pro 2008 update to i7 8700K & VEGA 56

    My old workhorse was showing the signs of age. Slow, lazy and content. The iMac Pro is too expensive but I couldn't wait for multi hour renders any more. Maybe a used trashcan? Was it time to ditch the ten year old cheese grater I've spent so much time with? Never. So I started googling for...
  2. Fetoveraxeln

    Help needed: Mojave strangles VEGA 56

    Hi, I recently updated from High Sierra 10.13.1 To Mojave 10.14.0. Everything works fine except the GPU, it's somehow strangled and performs worse than before. Geek Bench seems to indicate that part of the problem is driver based, as it shows difference in maximum memory frequency, see attached...
  3. Fetoveraxeln

    HELP!!! Upper shelf PSU wall removal :O

    No need to cut or use power tools, just remove all screws and grab the wall with a plier, start wiggling and bending back and forth, a little bit of force might be useful, but be careful, you don't want to scratch the case.