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  1. padishah

    10.10.3 Update Black screen with cursor

    Thanks a lot man, it's working now :clap::clap:
  2. padishah

    10.10.3 Update Black screen with cursor

    Everything is okay with 10.10.2 but I had the same problem with 10.10.3 beta + final updates. I can't get HD7770 working.
  3. padishah

    How to enable 5.1-channel analogue audio in OS X

    I have Asus P8Z77V-Pro(ALC892) and it's working with 5.1 channel movies.
  4. padishah

    Tenda W311MI Does Not Work On Mavericks Hackintosh + Causes Incomplete Shutdowns & Restarts

    I've just bought W311MI and as you said, it didn't work. But I installed latest drivers for RT2870, now I can connect every wifi connection, it works well. So follow steps below, it should work for you too. Download new drivers(USB (RT2870/ RT2770/ RT3X7X/ RT537X/ RT5572)) from mediatek and...