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  1. kevin335200

    stuck at boot progress sometimes with 'busy timeout, (60s),BCM2045A0'

    A little annoying problem. The only way to resolve it is to turn off and restart again. Most of times it works again. But sometimes i need to restart twice to make it work.. Wifi-Card is DW1830 (BCM943602BAED), it should have native-id, but i'm not sure if it's the problem.
  2. kevin335200

    iMessage doesn't work

    i have very carefully followed and more than 10 times, but without a success. Errors are always the same: i have tried my account with rMBP, it works, i think my...
  3. kevin335200

    [solved] Wifi Problem

    It seems like wifi doesn't work very frequently(several seconds/minutes) after i do some update with Clover config and update to 10.13.6, even when typing this post.:( Wifi appears to be still connected, but actually no internet. The only way to resolve it is turn wifi off/on. But even though...
  4. kevin335200

    [solved] No DP audio

    When i direct connect the monitor using miniDP cable, there is no DP audio. But after i close the laptop's screen and only use external monitor, it will appear. Update Problem Reporting Files today.
  5. kevin335200

    Bluetooth issue with DW1830(BCM20703A1)

    Sometimes bluetooth will be automatically turned off and cannot be turned on unless reboot. (see image) If I reboot, the laptop will say "System Variable has Changed. press F1 to enter Setup" Unless I set Bluetooth to "Disabled" in BIOS i cannot continue the boot process. Of course I can set...
  6. kevin335200

    HD4400 Laptop with 4k monitor

    Recently i bought DELL U3818DW with 3840*1600 resolution(nearly 4k) to replace my old U3417W, but it seems like my laptop cannot run even 3440*1440 on this display. Max resolution is 2560*1080. But 3840*1600 works perfectly in Win10 and Ubuntu. Is hd4400 not enough to run 4k 60fps on MacOS?
  7. kevin335200

    KP with fresh install 10.13

    build: z9pe-d8 ws + 2x intel e5-2670 v1 Seems like older build installation guide doesn't work for 10.13 BIOS setup according to this guide: KP is too fast to take a photo so i can only make a short video
  8. kevin335200

    [solved] HD4400 glitches with High Sierra Beta

    Direct update from 10.12.5 using App Store. Because of the new IntelGraphicsFixup with Lilu.kext, i delete the original patch and install IntelGraphicsFixup.kext and Lilu.kext to L/E. But it seems like they don't work.. The glitch during boot also exists. Problem Reporting files attached.(...
  9. kevin335200

    ALC3232 broken

    X240 also uses Audio Codec ALC3232, so i follow X250 guide to patch audio, use the script in this link and install the latest CodecCommander: But after about 10 minutes music turns to white noise. I reboot the system and run windows...
  10. kevin335200

    Very poor performance with GTX950

    I don't know if anyone use GTX950 and make a test in MacOS. I test GFXBench and play dota2 in Steam.The score is very disappointing(54FPS,close to GT755m) and the FPS in game is low, either. Under windows the score is pretty good, closing to GTX960. Anyone ideas? Driver is the latest...
  11. kevin335200

    [solved]Thinkpad x240 boots fail

    It happens very often. Boot stops mostly at this line: or this line: After power it off and power on again,mac will 100% run at the second try. Not a big problem but a little confusing, so I push it here trying to get an answer. Thanks!
  12. kevin335200

    [solved] Thinkpad x240 can't wake

    When it turn to sleep, no way to wake up expect of power it off. I don't know what file should I upload, please tell me and I will upload it as soon as possible. Thanks!
  13. kevin335200

    XPS 15 9550 HFS Volume Problem

    Last week i could not boot into mac and in verbose mode it seemed like that HFS volume was broken. This is the fourth time...And i could not repair it with fsck -fy,either. Before i used nvme path i had thought it was the kext NVMeGeneric that causes this problem or some NTFS R/W software. But...
  14. kevin335200

    Asus Z9PE-D8 WS 10.11.6 can't install

    Motherboard Z9PE-D8 WS CPU:2x e5-2670 v1 GPU:GTX950 Yesterday my Hackintosh has a problem with HFS volume and didn't run. I cannot fix it with fsck command,so i remove it and try to reinstall. But it stopped before the install process. I restart many times but don't work. Don't really know where...
  15. kevin335200

    Lenovo X240 Clover update problem

    My laptop: Lenovo Thinkpad x240 Intel core i5 4300u HD4400 1920x1080 I update my laptop clover to the latest and want to update to Sierra,but i cannot even boot 10.11.6. Same problem with my Desktop.I found that i can use only the version which doesn't support Sierra. Delete the kext expect of...
  16. kevin335200

    DELL XPS 15 9550 dsdt,ssdt&Backlight Problem

    Hello! After my build on my pc and laptop, my friend asks me if i can help him to build the hackintosh on his XPS15.I'm a little excited.:clap: His build is: dell xps15 9550 i7 6700hq 1080p fhd pm951 512g And i see that xps15 has a good compatibility with hackintosh,that sounds good. So i follow...
  17. kevin335200

    Blackscreen with GTX950 and webdriver in 10.11.6

    My build: Motherboard: ASUS Z9pe-d8 ws CPU: e5-2670 GPU:gtx950 with hdmi output OS: 10.11.6 Before i install the webdriver everything goes smoothly,expect of my graphics driver. So i install the newest Nvidia Webdriver for 10.11.6 and select the "Nvidia webdriver" expect of "OS X basic driver"...
  18. kevin335200

    Why ei captian don't support CPU more than 12 cores?

    A seller says to me that i cannot buy E5 2683 v3 to build Hackintosh on 10.11,because 10.11 does not suppprt CPU more than 12 cores. But it works fine on 10.10.5. Is that true? Why? I want to build Hackintosh mit 2x 2683v3, but if this is true, i should build Hackintosh with 2670