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  1. Fatri

    Can't Install Big Sur Public Beta1 > Need Help

    Tried to install Big Sur public beta1 but, the installer stuck at 12 minutes remaining and keyboard, mouse freeze I have Z390 Prime A, any help will be appreciated
  2. Fatri

    [Solved] Asus Z390 NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 2047 MB but no acceleration

    hi, I got installed Mojave with NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 2047 MB listed under "About this Mac working" with Asus Z390 but no acceleration and no audio I need only to insert in clover the right ig-platform-id and/or Nvidia Fake device id... any help please Thank you
  3. Fatri

    Hp Envy m7 Mojave with full acceleration

    Hi guys, I got my envy m7 laptop with Mojave with full acceleration and audio installed
  4. Fatri

    Asus Z390 TUF is it compatible with sierra

    Hi, I wonder if ASUS Z390 is compatible with Sierra cause I always get "Not Allowed" when I'm trying to install Sierra. I installed High Sierra and Mojave (still no Nvidia web available). All USB are working OTB except 3 USB 3.1 Gen1 not working, Ethernet working but no Bluetooth (might works...
  5. Fatri

    Yosemite 10.10 Recovery HDDs

    :DHi RehabMan. i recently replaced my second hard drive with a yosemite installed in , but i noticed that recovery HDD not loading with clover.. what is the problem and how i can reactivate them so i can get in it and restore my system Thank you in advance
  6. Fatri

    AppleHDA IDT 92HD91BXX for osx 10.10

    Hi mates, I am looking for AppleHDA IDT 92HD91BXX for osx10.10 i am running yosemite on Chameleon on HP Envy 17 TS. Thank you in advance :D
  7. Fatri

    eGalaxTouch For OSX is Working

    Hi mates, A week ago i installed a driver for my HP touch screen and still working great since then. For you who wants his touch screen to work with osx and have eGalaxTouch touch device should go to this site and download mac osx drive. Please read the read me file before installing. Good Luck...
  8. Fatri

    DPCIManager v 1.5

    DPCIManager v 1.5 is crashing and not compatible with os x 10.9.2 what is the problem! Am i missing something or updates???? Thank you :D
  9. Fatri

    Envy 17-J170ca Fan Patch.. Any?

    is there any fan patch for Envy 17-J170ca laptop for 10.9 and 10.8.5? if yes, which one i should fix my dsdt fan!! I know that RehabMan has a lot of Fan patches for several laptops but which one is for my laptop: i7-4702MQ cpu Leap Motion built in intel HD 4600 and Nvidia 750M 8GB ram
  10. Fatri

    High Temperature running cpu and PM

    Hi, after i installing custom ssdt i got cpu multiplier x25.0 and cpu package 2.48GHZ and never change(steady) for my cpu i5-4200M that go on turbo up to 3.1(i am using mbp 9,2) As PState and CState i am getting only 25 with DCPIManager1.5 and cpu Temperature is 56 to 62 celsius. i need help to...
  11. Fatri

    HP jo44ca Help with Kernel Please

    Hi RehabMan, I got an HP jo44CA 17" display with i5-4200M(HD4600) and Nvidia 740M(i think no optimus with it) 12GB Ram 1TB HDD IDT audio codec Intel 230 wireless Realtek8168 Ethernet FingerScan No touchScreen. i like to know please with what Kernel i should replace the original one in the...
  12. Fatri

    I need to copy mach_kernel from USB to the new installed osx mavericks

    Hi , i need to copy mach_kernel file from my usb installer to the new installed osx Mavericks but I'm getting error like "no space left ....... Please i need help about how to do it in terminal without error:banghead: Thank you in advance
  13. Fatri

    MaciASL support intel 8 series dsdt????

    ​Hi Rehabman, i wonder if MaciASL does support intel 8 series mb haswell laptops yet. if yes, will you please provide a link for the repo in MaciASL and if any for HD4400. Thanks in advance my hero:headbang:
  14. Fatri

    Rehabman, i need your help with intel 8 series laptop

    hi, i just installed ML 85 in my new R7 has well intel 8 series with i5 4200U cpu. i need to copy Extra folder from usb installer to the new installed ML85 in OSX partition, i tried a lot of commands but did not work at all. I only can do this from the installer Terminal. Thank you in advance my...
  15. Fatri

    chimera 2.2 on acer aspire R7

    Thank you for all who worked on chimera and i mean in special the latest version 2.2 I installed chimera v2.2 on my new laptop acer aspire R7 with i5-3337U cpu(Ivybridge), HD4000, and guess what the HD4000 fully works without any input like device-properties..........etc. Congratulation chimera...
  16. Fatri

    Success Acer Aspire R7 on osx 10.8.4

    ​Hi mates, i got acer aspire R7 after i returned aspire v7(mentioned before). I installed ML 10.8.4 on a MBR partition successfully and did not take long with this ultrabook at all.(this was the easiest ultra book to install osx) I used chimera (latest one) from the download section to create...
  17. Fatri

    Acer v7 582PG-6421 Compability

    Hi mates, I ordered Acer Aspire v7 582PG-6421from Microsoft store, I wonder if it is hackintosh compatible SPEC: Windows 8 - 64-bit version - Intel® Core™ i5-4200U processor (1.6GHz/2.6GHz w/ Turbo Boost) - 8GB DDR3L memory - 1TB hard drive - 20GB solid state drive - 15.6" Full HD widescreen...
  18. Fatri

    [solved] MaciASL 4530s repos cannot be found anymore

    I updated my 4530s Bios Yesterday, then i tried to update/upgrade dsdt to the latest bios version (F40 i have) i Gor error while loading MaciASL saying: URL '' said 'not found' is this temporary or perm? if it has been changed what...
  19. Fatri

    REHABMAN, Can you make MaciASL repo for Probook 4530s

    Hi REHABMAN, i've been using MaciASL for my asus board, i have a Probook 4530s and i've been following you since then. Can you make a repo url for MaciASL so we can(Probook users) can make own dsdt please. MaciASL is a great software:headbang:
  20. Fatri

    install mount lion on a partition of a windows 8 laptop

    hi, if you want to keep the partition as is, you need to get ML mbr patch osx so you can install ML without changing the partition from mbr to hfs format. Then you need to change boot from bios From UEFI to Legacy. Good luck:headbang: