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  1. jbroad572

    cant boot after multibeast install

    Well this is about my tenth reinstall and now im asking for help. When I install through unibeast everything works I assume except for my sound. I was hoping ivcould get by with using multibeast but in order to get sound I guess its a necessity. I choose no dsdt as im using uefi on my bios for a...
  2. jbroad572

    Will there be problems doing a fresh install on a second SSD drive?

    I currently have 10.8.2 on an 80gb SSD, but want to use a bigger SSD, which I have Windows currently installed. I am planning to use Multibeast to do the install freshly. When I do the install will it affect anything since I am not upgrading current setting, but starting fresh? I guess if crap...
  3. jbroad572

    Forgot to unplug osx drive when installing Windows..kernel panics

    Would that cause kernel panics? Here's a screenshot Do you guys think it has something to do with upgrading my Windows 8 on a second drive and forgetting to unplug my mac drive? Foolishly, I used the drive to install windows 8 on my second drive, which is why I can't boot with unibeast. I'm...
  4. jbroad572

    Can I use these programs to make a unibeast drive from Windows? Came across this. I foolishly updated and paid my $20, so can I still download it via Itunes on Windows? Just trying to boot back into my OSX setup, since I've been having some problems ever since I updated Windows on 1 HD and upgraded my Bios to UEFI. Not sure which...
  5. jbroad572

    What do these tell you about my machine not being able to load?

    Is there more information that is needed or do these screens help tell what might be going on? I really need help to getting it back up. Not sure if my last post was even the problem regarding a bios. Please Hackintosh gods share your wealth of information. If I should post this somewhere else...
  6. jbroad572

    Mountain Lion was working but just gives me grey restart screen

    I was originally trying to upgrade my bios to uefi, but I can't getting error :Bios ID Check Error, so I left well a lone The latest bios is f6 and I upgraded to ML with the dsdt f6. Thinking I was going to be able to upgrade to uefi, I moved the dsdt file to another location so it wasn't on the...
  7. jbroad572

    Tried unibeast upgrade to ML, but now drive is missing

    [Solved]Tried unibeast upgrade to ML, but now drive is missing I followed the directions and I was able to boot via my HD using the memory stick. When I tried to boot regularly, it would just resstart. When I booted with the memory stick my network (wired) was not working, so I figured I needed...
  8. jbroad572

    Possible to have HD3000 and 560ti working?

    I never got my HD 3000 to work at the correct resolution, but did get my 560ti working. It'd be great if I can run a 3rd monitor off the onboard. Is it possible anyone have it working at full resolution?
  9. jbroad572

    Better video card than the 560ti and 6870 for triple displa

    What card that is supported that would be equal to or better than the 560ti that would give the option for Apple Display's and up to 3 monitors? I currently have the 560ti, but it can only run 2 monitors and I don't believe I can use the Apple monitor without an expensive conversion kit. I...
  10. jbroad572

    Can HD3000 and 560ti work together properly.

    I want to be able to run 3 monitors. Would this work? I've never got my hd3000 to work in full resolution, but has anyone else?
  11. jbroad572

    You must restart after installing Chimera through MB?

    Why can't I load up after I install Chimera through MB? It used to work fine that way. I'm trying to addthings one at a time this next time. I've reinstalled Lion over 20-30x this is getting frustrating. Do I need to clear some settings? Everytime I reformat and partition my ssd to one drive...
  12. jbroad572

    system freeze after a few seconds of booting on new install

    Ok, I've been having his problem ever since I installed this XFX 6870 in my system. As soon as I boot to the desktop everything looks great for a few seconds. Actually until I open a program. It will bounce 1 time and then the pointer will continue to work, but everything else is froze. I...
  13. jbroad572

    Trying to replace 560ti with 6870, but freezing on boot

    Any tips or help? I reinstalled 10.7, but as soon as it loads up it freezes on me, where I can't click anything on the screen.
  14. jbroad572

    Finally got my 560ti recognized, but what about the software

    I have my 560ti installed and chose to go with this card over a 6870, but did I make a mistake? I downloaded the cud a drivers, but how do I enable or get my 3d to work? In Windows it has a decent control panel where I can change the screen size control the displays, etc. How can I do that with...
  15. jbroad572

    Final Build... everything should be on the way... I So Happy

    Ok finally, Case: Antec 900 case ($60 used, like new) Processor: I7 2600k ($260 brand new) Motherboard: Gigabyte Z68xp-ud4-b3 (new $185) Ram: Corsair XMS3 1600mhz Ram part# CMX8GX3M2A1600C9 ($40) Power Supply: Corsair TX650 ($60) Hard Drive: Intel x25-m 80gb - $85 for Lion later: 40gb ssd...
  16. jbroad572

    2 x40gb SSD's enough for dual boot?

    Found an offer for 2 x 40gb Intel x25 ssd's. I was wanting to dual boot OSX Lion and Windows 7, although I will rarely use windows. I wanted to have 2 additional TB+ drives for storage, 1 specifically for Mac and the other shared. Would 40gb be enough for the OS and a few serious programs or...
  17. jbroad572

    Corsair Vengenance or G.Skill Ripjaw

    Which would be better? Considering the options and different speeds available. I like tha 8gb will be so cheap, but want to make sure I get the right one. I will want to OC my cpu as well at some point, so not sure if that would be a barrier. I was ready, until I read a thread stating 1333 speed...
  18. jbroad572

    HD3000 graphics ok? z68-ud3hb3 vs z68xpud4, PS wattage min?

    Well so far I've bought: I7 2600k bnib - $265 Gigabye GA-z68xp-ud4-be (Just took a gamble, since I know it works well) - brand new for $185 Antec 900 case - $60 I found another mb the, Z68X-UD3H-B3, used for $65 less than what I paid for a brand new one. That extra cash could be a better part...
  19. jbroad572

    ASUS P8P67 DELUXE would that be trouble?

    I found a package deal with this motherboard. I could either sell it or use it what do you think? Pass? It's an i7 2600k + the mobo for like $400.
  20. jbroad572

    Build check

    Processor - Intel i7 2600k Video - XFX 6950 1gb ... 6814150527 Motherboard - GA-Z68XP-UD3p ... Z68XP-UD3p Memory - Corsair Vengeance Blue 8 GB (2X4 GB) PC3-12800 1600mHz DDR3 240-Pin SDRAM Dual Channel Memory Kit...