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  1. miller hammond

    Help! Trying to do SSDT for 3770K & UD5H

    I have been playing about with this for about a week now and not had a great deal of success. I have a i7 3770K & Z77X UD5H, which has been running mountain and now mavericks at a 4.2 over clock for the last 12 months, which has been rock solid but I wanted to try and sort out the power...
  2. miller hammond

    Should I use Mac Pro 5,1 on Z77 UD5H & 6870

    Should I try to use the Mac Pro 5,1 definition instead of Mac Pro 3,1. Everything is running great 99%. I have heard that the 5,1 definition is better suited for the Radeon 6870 Graphics. I know I have to remove one kext and repair permissions to do this but I may upset my system in the...
  3. miller hammond

    Who has Green Jack Working on Gigabyte Z77X UD5H?

    I have a Gigabyte Z77X UD5H and have tried all sorts of kexts and multibeast configurations to get the green jack working and haven't had any success. I keep reading people have had success and I am wondering if so, how and what method you used. Thanks Miller Hammond.
  4. miller hammond

    What's the Mountain Lion to achieve 100% Working.

    What's the best Motherboard for Mountain Lion to achieve 100% Working. I have Gigabyte Z77X UD5H and i7 3770k, and I have it working about I would 97% Working. My few niggles are, and they are minor: 1. It Sleeps fine, but not automatically. 2. No Over clocking, well I can but I have the...
  5. miller hammond

    SSD Discs Speeds on GA Z77X UD5H

    I have recently put together my new Ivy Bridge Hack most things are working great and when I have the final few things sorted I will post exactly what I did. The couple of minor problems are My SSD Disc speed using Black Magic Disc Speed are coming out at 135mb/s Write and 180mb/s Read...
  6. miller hammond

    Advice to upgrade i7 3770/GA-Z77DS3H or i7 3770K/GA-Z77UD5H

    Hello, been reading this site for 12 month or more and have built 2 successfull Hacks Thanks for all the help!, I have been pleased with the results I now want something with a lot more grunt and hopefully sort out the Trackpad and Bluetooth problem I have. I am looking to upgrade from Gigabyte...