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  1. klm716

    Infinite reboot when NVIDIA web driver is selected

    Hi everyone, So from a few weeks of trial and error, I figured out why my hack keeps getting stuck into a continuous boot, When ever both, "Use NVIDIA WEB drives" and "InjectIntel" are selected it gets stuck in this loop. (See Photo) I only works if I deselect them both, but then I can't...
  2. klm716

    Blank screen when booting from USB drive (ASUS Prime Z370 A)

    Hi everyone, I followed the steps in creating a bootable USB with High Sierra, as well as selecting the correct settings in my BIOS to match MAC. When I select the USB to boot from on my BIOS, it reboots to a blank screen, I don't see clover or anything at all. My only option is to Ctrl Alt...
  3. klm716

    [Solved] Cannot Select High Sierra in UniBeast

    Hello, I downloaded High Sierra on my MacBook and I'm trying to get a bootable USB though UniBeast for my hackintosh, However, when I got to the "Installation Type" step, I cannot select High Sierra. Please help me out, I'm not sure what is causing this, and if there is a workaround. This is...
  4. klm716

    Recommended RAM

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of purchasing parts for my Hackintosh and I noticed that I only saw Crucial brand RAM under the parts list. I was wondering, has anyone successfully tested other brands or am I limited with Crucial RAM only?