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  1. wiz329

    Unibeast USB won't reach Clover Screen

    I built my mackintosh system back in 2013 with a Z87I-deluxe motherboard, and it's been working very well over the last couple years. The only major thing I've done to it since then is upgrade to mavericks last summer (from mountain lion). However, I just purchased a graphics card (GTX 970) to...
  2. wiz329

    Random Restart Z87I-Deluxe Intel i5-4670k 10.9.3 -- Sleep Issues

    I upgraded my system from 10.8.5 last night to 10.9.3, and it seemed to be working OK. However, I noticed this morning it said that Google chrome wasn't shut down properly, which I thought was odd. Then, when I got home, it displayed the same message. Finally, I watched it shut down and...
  3. wiz329

    Won't boot without Unibeast?

    I am on an H87I-Plus motherboard, with an Intel i4670k CPU. I am having a couple problems: First, sometimes the system boots, sometimes it doesn't. If it doesn't (Stuck on "still waiting for root device"), I boot into Unibeast, and repair disk permissions. Even though it comes up with nothing...
  4. wiz329

    H87I-Plus ... go with a different board?

    Hi there, I have spent a good amount of time trying to get my build to work with an H87I-plus motherboard. It's been nothing but problems. I still cannot boot without Unibeast, and even then, it won't boot half the time, and the other half there are many random problems. I wanted to get a...
  5. wiz329

    H87i-plus ethernet only working in safe mode

    I'm using the Asus h87i-plus board with the intel i217 controller. The ethernet port works if I boot into safe mode, but not normally. Also, I still haven't been able to boot with the Unibeast USB, if anyone has any advice on that either.
  6. wiz329

    SATA expansion

    Can anyone point me to a SATA expansion card (no RAID necessary) with 4 ports that is Hackintosh compatible?
  7. wiz329

    Asus or Asrock motherboards?

    Hi there, I'm looking to build my first hackintosh in the bitfenix prodigy. I would like to use it for some engineering software applications (nothing too heavy), as well as some video encoding, and as a home server. Thus, I need more than 4 SATA ports. Gigabyte (which is the easiest to make...
  8. wiz329

    BitFenix Home Server Build -- ITX board with 6 SATA ports?

    I'm looking to build a system this summer with a Haswell i5. Not sure if I'll be overclocking; if so, it won't be anything extreme, so a z-series is not absolutely necessary. I want to build a desktop/home server build in a BitFenix Prodigy, which means I'll need a board with 6 SATA ports...