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  1. Pandorica

    High Sierra Clover USB Not Booting on Windows 10?

    Hello all, TL;DR - High Sierra 8700K Hackintosh - Dual boot Win 10 High Sierra (separate boot SSDs) - UniBeast USB recognized in BIOS but when selected for boot override, does not boot from USB to Clover; instead bypasses and boots to Win 10. Issue Working to install High Sierra on a spare...
  2. Pandorica

    Random Reboots High Sierra

    Hello all, Have a relatively stable High Sierra system running. Everything working except sleep, but haven't tried to tackle that issue yet. Been getting random reboots, can't seem to replicate the problem. Totally unpredictable. System: 8700K OC @ 5.0GHZ 1.28v (all cores) ASUS Z370-E Gaming...
  3. Pandorica

    First Time OC - 4770K, z87mx-d3h, Yosemite - Will not boot

    Hello all, I've been running a solid rig for a while - dual booting Windows 8.1 Pro and Yosemite, but I'd like to try a mild CPU overclock. I've got a 4770K in a z87mx-d3h cooled by Hyper 212 Evo. Default clock at 3.69GHz in Yosemite. Idle temp: 27˚C - 34˚C Load temp: 60˚C Went to BIOS...
  4. Pandorica

    3TB ExFat HDD Causing System Freeze

    Hello all, I have a 3TB Seagate Barracuda HDD from the recommended section of Tonymac's build guides. I plugged in the drive, Mavericks saw it right away, and I formatted it to ExFat, because I intended it to be a shared mass storage drive between Mavericks and Windows 8.1 on my system...
  5. Pandorica

    Flavours App Mavericks Compatibility?

    Hello all, I recently attempted to use the "Flavours" app on my 10.9.3 Hackintosh. I applied a theme to my system, the computer froze, and I had to do a hard restart. Has anyone had any experiences with this app in the past? Alternative applications? Thank you!
  6. Pandorica

    Mavericks / Windows 8.1 Boot/BCD Error - Please Help!

    Hello all, I've got a Hackintosh up and running with Mavericks 10.9.3 on an SSD partitioned with Windows 8.1 Pro on the same drive. Both OS's run fine - it's just getting to them that's the tricky part. I'm currently running Chimera 3.0.1, which shows up when I boot my computer and displays...
  7. Pandorica

    No GPU Temperatures in iStat Menus

    Hello all, I know there have been a few threads on Tonymac about iStat and GPU temps, but I couldn't quite find the answer I was looking for. Running Mavericks Hackintosh 10.9.3, everything working, and have iStat Menus displaying all temps expect for GPU (GTX 770) I've installed all FakeSMC...
  8. Pandorica

    i7 4770K Stock Cooler Temperatures?

    Hello all, I'm running an Intel 4770K @3.5GHz with Arctic Silver 5 and the stock cooler. Idle BIOS temps range from 55˚C to 60˚C. I ran Prime95 for about 10 minutes, and temperatures spiked up to 100˚C. I was concerned, so I shut down the system. Are these temperatures normal? They seem high...
  9. Pandorica

    ASUS Gryphon Z87 Compatibility?

    Hello all, My current board, the GA-Z87MX-D3H, has been causing me a lot of trouble, and I'm looking for an alternative. From what I've seen, the Gryphon is a good choice for a powerful mATX build, and it doesn't need a flashed BIOS / custom DDST. What I'm wondering is if it is indeed a good...
  10. Pandorica

    Cyber Acoustics 5.1 Surround System Compatible w/ Gigabyte GA-Z87MX-D3H?

    Hello all, I'm hoping to purchase this 5.1 surround Cyber Acoustics sound system for my new Hackintosh. My only worry is that the speakers won't be compatible with my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-Z87MX-D3H mATX), and that I'll need to purchase a sound card. According to Newegg, the motherboard...
  11. Pandorica

    Install GPU and WiFi Card Before or After UniBeast Mavericks?

    Hello, I just put together my first Hackintosh, and I was wondering whether or not to install the graphics card (GTX 770 2GB) and WiFi card (TP-Link WLDN4800) before or after installing Mavericks with UniBeast. Thanks!
  12. Pandorica

    One Day Old Gigabyte GA-Z87MX-D3H Shut Down During Mavericks Installation - Won't Restart

    Hello all, Sorry for the lengthy title. As of posting, I completed my first Hackintosh build yesterday - all components were recognized and I could boot to BIOS. Yesterday afternoon I began a Mavericks installation with UniBeast. All was well up until the installation reached the "23 minutes...
  13. Pandorica

    Mini-ITX Ivy Bridge Editing Build - MB Help?

    Hello! I'm looking to build my first Hackintosh (well, by first build ever), which will almost completely be used for video production with Adobe CC. The BitFenix Prodigy case caught my eye, and I like the form factor of a Mini-ITX build. Judging by the December Buyer's Guide, Tonymac is only...