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  1. wavesequence

    Snow Leopard/Windows 10 and 4k video

    I'm writing to receive some good advices for a substitute GPU that supports 4k. At present my old hackintosh based on a X58A-UD3R, i7 950 runs SL 10.6.8 on a separate HD, but there's also a HD where Windows 10 is installed. I received a 4k monitor as a gift thus my old Sapphire HD5770 seems not...
  2. wavesequence

    New GPU for X58A-UD3R

    Assuming that in the last period I had some strange issues with Radeon HD 5770 under Windows 10 (GPU used both by Windows10 and OSX 10.6.8, on different boot disks - of course), I'm thinking to change GPU... but, what GPU is suitable for Snow Leopard? I mean, is there a "modern" GPU that can...
  3. wavesequence

    H55M-UD2H, El Capitan, no sound

    Said that I avoided using DSDT.aml with Multibeast and embedded audio drivers (ALC892?? - unsure about it) I'm asking for somebody who can shed me a light on how configuring audio. I read somewhere that DSDT can interfere with audio... Firmware of this motherboard is F11. I did some attempts...
  4. wavesequence

    Unable to create USB installer with Unibeast

    I'm writing to ask for some help. Although I had a USB key that I regularly created with Unibeast and an original download of Mavericks, I encountered some issues at startup because both keyboard and mouse weren't recognized on a H55M-UD2H. Thus I followed the advice to substitute the DSDT.aml...
  5. wavesequence

    No audio after 10.10.5 upgrade

    As in the header of this thread, I encountered this annoying issue after upgrading. The motherboard is a H55M-U2DH and it should use ALC 889. Although I have selected this kind of codec, I got no sound, although kexts seems installed. In fact, ind System Preference I can access to the audio...
  6. wavesequence

    El Capitan Installer not avaliable on Italian Applestore

    Perhaps this might sound strange... but I attempted to regularly download El Capitan (in order to create the USB installer via Unibeast) but the download was unavaliable. Actually I'm running latest Yosemite release but I'm suspecting the MacPro definition clashes with the expected Mac models...
  7. wavesequence

    Clover or Multibeast for Skylake?

    I would make another build based on GA-Z170X-UD5, i7 6700K and Gigabyte GTX-970. I'm uncertain about using Clover and EFI partition or Multibeast. I read out also El Capitan installation guide but I'm totally unsure about the post installation phase. What about ALC1150 audio drivers. Do they...
  8. wavesequence

    Any successful build with GA-Z170X-UD5??

    I'm thinking to direct my attention (and financial endeavors) to GA-Z170X-UD5/i7 6700K/GTX 970. Anyone succeeded with these components and El Capitan? Thanks ws
  9. wavesequence

    CustoMacPro motherboard advices

    My last hackintosh was based on GA-Z77X-UD5H, i7 3770K and GeForce GTX 650. All in all I'm somewhat satisfied although USB 3.0 ports run as 2.0 and strictly for musical applications this is not a great issue. I attempted to look at the Buyer's Guide for another, newer and more powerful...
  10. wavesequence

    H55M-UDH F11 ethernet driver

    I'm asking for help... Just installed Mavericks, what's the correct Network kext that must be installed? Lnx2mac's beta and RealtekRTL81xx.kext drivers are not avaliable in latest Multibeast for Mavericks. Thanks
  11. wavesequence

    Help for H55M-UD2H and Mavericks

    I would install Mavericks on a relatively old hackintosh running Snow Leopard. I'm using the same Unibeast USB stick I prepared for my latest hackintosh based on a Z77. Although I succeed loading OSX Mavericks installer, both keyboard and mouse are not working. I had a look into BIOS settings...
  12. wavesequence

    Z77X-UD5H USB3 not working at full

    I'm writing for help. On my build based on a Z77X-UD5H ver 1.1 I was't able to update USB 3 front and rear ports with Via labs firmware, although I throughly followed the directions. Actually I encountered strange behaviours: on front ports just onr USB3 HD can be hooked; if I connect two none...
  13. wavesequence

    Restoring with TimeMachine SL from an external HD

    I need some advices on how to solve this little enigma. Assuming I have a H55M-UD2H F11, i7 870, HD5770 running Snow Leopard on a single WD 1TB HD. On an external 1TB HD I do frequent backups with TimeMachine. What can I do to restore my SL install if I can't boot my computer from the internal...
  14. wavesequence

    [SOLVED]Unwanted open folder at boot

    Everytime I boot my SL, I find that annoying open folder on desktop. How can I close it forever? This folder seems coming from AddressBook/spanish... :shock: Please help. Thanks ws
  15. wavesequence

    From SL to Mavericks

    I would upgrade without starting from scratch my first build based on a X58A-UD3R, Radeon HD5770 and i7 950. What could be the easiest method assuming I retain Mavericks installer into my application folder? What version of Multibeast post-install must be used, latest? How can I retrieve the...
  16. wavesequence

    Random freezes on 10.9.4

    I experience random freezes expecially when I copy large files from HD to SSD (SanDisk Extreme 240 and 480GB) or from DVD to SSD. Motherboard is Z77X-UD5H. Energy saving parameter is aways to prevent HD from stopping. As far as I can see, both sleep, wake and shutdown work. There are no kernel...
  17. wavesequence

    CD/DVD disappears after a while

    I encountered this strange issue after 10.9.4 update. Everything seems working, except DVD reader writer that stops working: the inserted DVD is not accessible anymore and I must restart to eject it. Any clues? Please help thanks ws
  18. wavesequence

    VIA Labs VL811-USB3-hub-chip and GA Z77X-UD5H rev 1.1

    I'm writing again for help, hoping this forum is not completely dead - at least for my questions. Although I installed on a spare HD Windows 7 32bit, with the latest chipset drivers, the USB3 firmware upgrade through VIA Labs VL811 updater failed. It happened to me more or less what Cfreak...
  19. wavesequence

    Final word about USB 3.0 behavior + Via Labs VL811 USB3 hub chip (GA-z77x-ud5h rev. 1.1 mobo)

    Although I read thoroughly the guide given by arehep, some doubts remain. post #8 Assuming I own a GA-Z77X-UD5H rev. 1.1 it's not clear which VIA updater must be...
  20. wavesequence

    DSDT for Z77X-UD5H ver. 1.1 is really needed?

    As far as I know, motherboards such Z77X-UD5H don't need DSDT. I'm at a point where I need to upgrade my USB3 ports firmware (sadly only through Windows) and I was told to extract motherboard DSDT with MaciASL. Honestly I can't see the reason of doing this, expecially because I'm not able to...