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  1. hacman

    Temporary audio solutions MacOS Sierra

    Temporary audio solutions for those having audio issue ...use this !! works good with 10.12 (before install ...remove any alc or HDA enabler in S/L/E )
  2. hacman

    yosemite-public-beta-2 !!
  3. hacman

    Post your benchmarks - Unigine Valley!

    Post your Unigine Valley scores and the graphic card you're using :thumbup:
  4. hacman

    XFX HD 5770 ZNFC on 10.8.3 !!!!!

    I have a XFX ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card that did not work on MOUNTAIN LION :( i tried so many way's but no luck , finally i decide to flash my card but so many ROM 's & GUID 's but i did after a lot of try :) guid to flash : download and install given software run win flash browse the...
  5. hacman

    Hacman's MiNi ITX Build

    Hacman's H77N-WiFi Build Hacman's MiNi ITX Build : Core i5 3570 - H77N-WiFi - MSI N450 GTS - CM Elite 120 Components: Intel Core i5-3570 Quad-Core Processor 3.4 GHz 6 MB Cache LGA 1155 Motherboard GA-H77N-WIFI...
  6. hacman

    GAB75M-D3H any thoughts about this mother board ... id=4150#ov :!:
  7. hacman

    after market cooler ... 6835103065 :thumbup:
  8. hacman

    ''SUCCESS'' G41MT-S2P REV 1.4 , C2Q 6600 , HD 5770, 10.7.2

    hacman's Build: OS X 10.7.2 ON G41MT-S2P REV 1.4, Core 2 Quad 6600 , XFX HD 5770 GIGABYTE GA-G41MT-S2P rev 1.4 LGA 775 Intel G41 Micro ATX DDR3 1333 Desktop Motherboard Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Quad-Core Processor, 2.40 GHz, 8M L2 Cache, LGA 775...
  9. hacman


    I'm not an ASUS fanboy :| unfortunately the GIGABYTE H61M-D2-B3 out of stock , my second choice ASUS P8H61-MLX (Bios version 0501 ) :D BUILD i3 2100 P8H61-MLX (BIOS 0501) XFX HD 6850 1GB DDR5 KINGSTON HYPER X 4GB RAM @ 1600 MHZ UC AT 1333...
  10. hacman

    updating to 10.6.8 has taken over my life

    come to chat :)
  11. hacman

    new here need help working out if i need a gfx card

    HD 3000 works in lion , but you need snow leopard to make unibeast HD 3000 not supported in snow leo so you need GFX card :thumbup:
  12. hacman

    Intel Mini-ITX board - doable?

    you need discrete graphics card for os x :thumbup:
  13. hacman

    { SOLVED } TextEdit quit unexpectedly

    after 10.7.1 chimera 1.5.4 textedit crash when try to open any help :) edit : rerun combo 10.7.1 :thumbup:
  14. hacman

    XFX HD 6850 OOB IN 10.7.1

    today i replace(problem in games ) my sapphire hd 6870 to XFX HD 6850 ZNFC works great on both os x 10.7.1 and win7 :thumbup: thanks tony and macman for CHIMERA 1.4.1 :headbang:
  15. hacman

    Attention ALC888B Users

    I know two method to get sound for alc888b codex , but only internal speaker only :( , i need all out put like alc888 . so force me to do lot of search and finally got it :D method to get golden sound :idea: (not mine ) :lol: step 1 : remove any alc8xx or voodoo from extra\extension and...
  16. hacman

    cheap bluetooth dongle'' oob '' 100% compatible for trackpad :D
  17. hacman

    HD 5770

    I love XFX :headbang:
  18. hacman

    HELP ME TO FIND OOB SUPPORT 6850 (going to buy today)

    hi , i need to upgrade hd 5770 to hd 6850 ,hd 5770 works oob just use chimera and graphics enabler=yes ,i want to know which hd 6850 support oob :D thanks in advance
  19. hacman

    ''surprise '' XFX 9600GT 512 24FPS

    hi, just share my experience, using chimera 1.4 and multi beast 3.7 :headbang: , my old XFX 9600GT 512MB getting 24 FPS in cini bench :D , i cant believe :o gts 250 1.5 fps low :lol: ,just swap my hd 5770 and insert 9600 ,run multi beast 3.7 check system utiliti \nvidia update...
  20. hacman

    Apple releases Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 3

    :mrgreen: ... preview-3/