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  1. theshiv

    Hack to iMac

    Hi all, It looks like I'll be getting an iMac, and I want to transfer everything from my Hack to the new iMac. Obviously I'm talking about my applications (paid ones) and files. My current Hack has a separate SSD for the OS/Apps, and a HDD for all of my files. What's the best and fastest way...
  2. theshiv

    Is my hard drive dying?

    Hi all, When I'm done using my Hack I put it to sleep and walk away. The past couple of times I've come back to it, it's been awake. When it does that I have to do a hard shut down and then reboot. It happens - no biggie. However, the past couple of times it's taken a few minutes to open iTunes...
  3. theshiv

    iTunes Match

    I'm not sure if this is a Hack issue or not, as I had trouble finding anything on the web, but I subscribe to iTunes Match. Occasionally when I restart my Hack, I need to re-login to iTunes Match and it treats my system as if it's the first time I've logged into Match. This is my only system...
  4. theshiv

    3rd Party SATA Kext for Yosemite

    Some systems are having issues with the 3rd party SATA kext, which for me prevents my system to boot. I know it's not essential to use this kext, as I haven't been since updating, but an updated version would be great. If that's possible.
  5. theshiv

    iMessage Yosemite Solution Thread (non-Clover only)

    It seems that all of the threads for iMessage not working in Yosemite all get hijacked by using Clover to get iMessage working. There are still a large number of people who, for whatever reason, aren't ready or willing to switch over to Clover. I thought it may be useful to put together a...
  6. theshiv

    GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 Sandy Bridge - What's Working, What's Not

    Hey all, I followed TonyMac's Update Guide found here, and I was able to install Yosemite over my Mavericks drive. I rebooted from UniBeast and ran MultiBeast on my new Yosemite drive. After that I could not reboot normally through my Yosemite drive, nor could I boot with the UniBeast drive. I...
  7. theshiv

    Os x: Roll-your-own malware detection

    I'm not really sure where this belongs, but I just came across this and thought it's a neat idea. Basically you're setting up folder actions on very specific folders to make sure nothing gets added to your system without your knowledge...
  8. theshiv

    Show / Hide Hidden Files Not Working - Anyone else?

    Hi All, No matter what method/App I try, I cannot get my Hack to show (and then subsequently hide) hidden files. I never had this problem until I upgraded to Mavericks. Anyone else having this problem and know how to fix it? Thanks, the shiv
  9. theshiv

    USB 3.0 Universal by Zenith432 - Hub Support?

    Hi all, I'm not sure which version of this driver cracked it, but my USB 3.0 ports are finally working! Better yet, they're working at 3.0 speeds! So far I've only tried the built in ports. Does anyone know if Zenith432's Universal USB 3.0 allows function of the hub on the motherboard? I...
  10. theshiv

    Mac OS X "Break-Ins" - A Valid Concern?

    Hi all, I just saw this on LifeHacker, and I thought I'd share. It basically outlines two different ways in which someone can access your Mac/Hack through an ability to reset the login password: 1) With the install disc (I bet UniBeast works, too) 2) In single-user mode After discussing how...
  11. theshiv

    User Drive Wouldn't Load After Upgrade to Mavericks - Mount Point Issue

    Hi all, I just upgraded to Mavericks, and I have a SSD for my OS/Applications and a 1tb HDD for my user drive. My system has been like this since day one (over two years ago). After installing Mavericks I signed into my account, and none of my stuff was there. It was like a brand new account...
  12. theshiv

    Apple Branded AC Wireless/Bluetooth card - Anyone tried?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has tried purchasing an Apple branded AC wireless/bluetooth card (off of eBay, for example) for use in their Hack. iFixIt just did a teardown of the new iMacs, found here, and the new iMacs are using the same cards found in the MacBooks. It is the...
  13. theshiv

    Non-Apple Wireless Router that Supports Time Machine

    Hi all, I'm looking for a wireless-N router that I can plug an external hard drive in via USB and use that hard drive to keep a Time Machine back-up with a MacBook. This is going to be for a family member who is very non-techy, so I don't want to get into other types of backup software and...
  14. theshiv

    New Apple Magic Mouse - lots of stuttering

    Hi all, Since I built my Hack a couple of years ago I've been using a Microsoft mouse with a USB dongle. A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to grabbing an Apple Magic Mouse to pair with my IOGEAR bluetooth 4.0 dongle (as recommended on this site). For the most part it works, but it...
  15. theshiv

    Question Mark in Finder Window

    Hi all, A while ago my Finder window started showing a question mark on the top. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this? The fact that AirDrop is in this picture is irrelevant. That's just where I was when I took a screenshot. It doesn't seem to be doing any harm, but I...
  16. theshiv

    Motherboard threads

    It would be great if we could have a thread for specific motherboards. I don't know if it would need to be an entirely new subsection, or if each thread could become a sticky, but this could be really helpful when people are trying to figure out problems or ask questions. Rather than ask a...
  17. theshiv

    USB Support Upon Wake from Sleep on GA-Z68MX Board

    Hi all, I've got a GAZ68MX-UD2H-B3 (U1E), and sleep works fine using "darkwake=8." The problem is that when I wake from sleep I need to unplug and then replug the keyboard for it to work. (I have a USB mouse plugged into my keyboard, so unplugging/plugging the keyboard kills two birds with one...
  18. theshiv

    After 10.8.3, I can't get TRIM working

    Hi all, I've tried putting TRIM back through MultiBeast, and it did not work. I also tried the following method, and it did not work ( I can't figure out why I'm having such a hard time with this. It's always worked like a champ in the...
  19. theshiv

    GA-Z68MX-UD2H BIOS Update

    Hi all, Gigabyte recently released a new UEFI BIOS update, U1E. The site doesn't list the changes, and I couldn't find any through Google. Does anyone know what changes were made with this update? Thanks, Mike
  20. theshiv

    iTunes Gift Card Redemption with Camera

    10.8.3 is supposed to allow, among other things: Has anyone been able to get this to work with a third party camera?