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  1. phrozenpenguin

    Is dual 4k 60hz possible via dual HDMI 2.0 outputs (Intel UHD 620)?

    As title, I am trying to spec a new build and the box has Intel UHD 620 graphics and dual HDMI 2.0 outputs that are advertised as having full 4k output capability on Windows. Am I likely to be able to get dual 4k 60hz on MacOS via HDMI? I know DP used to be the preferred port of choice but I am...
  2. phrozenpenguin

    Issues with monitor waking from sleep - but other monitors fine

    I've got an issue whereby my Benq (1440p) monitor will not correctly wake from sleep; It will wake (power up, but nothing on screen), then say no signal, and normally if I unplug and re-plug the DP everything comes back normal. Sometimes I have to unplug and re-plug a few times. If I use a Dell...
  3. phrozenpenguin

    Will PowerColor Red Dragon Radeon™ RX 560 Work?

    Anybody have any reports or experience with a "PowerColor Red Dragon Radeon™ RX 560 16CU 2GB GDDR5 OC "? I can get this for a good deal, and the fans stop when <60deg which I am keen on. But it's not a good deal if it doesn't work!
  4. phrozenpenguin

    nVidia NVS510 - working OOB - 4x miniDP, 4k compatible

    I hadn't seen much (anything really) written about this card, the nVidia NVS510. Its an older card, but is low profile and has 4 mini DisplayPort outputs. The good news is it works straight OOB with no specific kexts. All four monitor outputs work simultaneously as designed. Should be good for...
  5. phrozenpenguin

    Random black screens using RX560 + 10.13.4

    Starting own thread to try and fix this issue I am having. I'm running an HP 8300 which has been very stable using onboard HD4000 graphics. With the move to 10.13.4 I upgraded to an RX560. This is working well with two monitors EXCEPT for the significant issue whereby both screens go black and...
  6. phrozenpenguin

    [Solved] How to correctly clone from working 10.13.3 (HFS on mechanical drive) to SSD?

    Having some issues and hoping there is a simple fix... Have a working HP 8300 (thanks @pastrychef and @trs96) running 10.13.3 on a mechanical hard drive (formatted HFS), all running well (installed 10.13.3 from scratch). Now have an SSD and want to move/clone the working install across to the...
  7. phrozenpenguin

    Getting an external USB hard drive to work (encrypted) - not boot drive

    My first hackintosh here and having an issue trying to copy data from an external USB hard drive. I am starting to suspect it may be because the drive is encrypted, but I couldn't find other notes on this scenario. External USB hard drive, GUID, Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted). When I...