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  1. Scott1204

    Final Cut X HEVC Export Very Slow. How about you?

    Curious about those who have Final Cut X and HEVC export working well on Catalina. What setup are you using? On my system (SMBIOS Mac 1,1 - iGPU disabled) FCX, Quicktime, and Compressor take FOREVER to export clips despite having a 9900K process and Radeon VII graphics card. A 10 second clip...
  2. Scott1204

    Top 3 Laptop models?

    Been reading through the threads about laptops. I saw Rehab's hardware recommendations. But has anyone had consistent success with a particular model number? What would be the top 3 choices? I don't see a buyers guide like there is for desktops. I've built a few Hack's, the latest based on...
  3. Scott1204

    How do I require password when Safari wants to autofill?

    I can't seem to find an answer to this...How do I force Safari to prompt for a password when autofilling websites? I know on Touch ID systems and my iPhone, it asks you for a thumbprint/FaceID. I'm trying to add an extra layer of security in case someone accessed my computer.
  4. Scott1204

    Shiki values for Final Cut Pro and iTunes using new Whatevergreen?

    I'm trying to understand how Shiki is incorporated into the new Whatevergreen kext. After a lot of trial an error, I've learned that iTunes video DRM and Final Cut Pro don't play nice together. I can get one or the other to work but not both at the same time. In other words, I can get...
  5. Scott1204

    EFI doesn't mount after Time Machine Restore but System boots

    Could use some suggestions. I moved to a new SSD drive using Time Machine restore. The system boots fine but I can't access the EFI partition in Clover (old config worked fine). If I run diskutil list, I see it listed as 0xEF 209.7 MB disk1s1. Other drives show as EFI partitions as 'EFI'...
  6. Scott1204

    What does mean?

    In Console under 'Mac Analytics,' this error keeps popping up every minute in the log over and over...what does it mean? OSActivityID: 0x80000000000056ae (null):0 Original...
  7. Scott1204

    Does 10.13.4 handle simultaneous Nvidia + AMD cards any better? FCX Improved?

    Anyone have experience using newer Nvidia series cards with AMD under 10.13.4? Final Cut X work any better? Itunes movies play? I installed 10.13.3 and tried an Nvidia 1080 and AMD RX560 but it seems the system doesn't use both cards.
  8. Scott1204

    Anybody have an Nvidia 1080 TI with iTunes movies working?

    I'm curious, does anyone here have a working 1080 TI card under the latest High Sierra 10.13.2 or .3 that can play AND stream iTunes movies? If so, what did you do? I've researched the forums and see several solutions but most involve Intel HD and AMD cards (I had an AMD installed and it worked...
  9. Scott1204

    Can you disable a PCI slot?

    I’m attempting to get two graphics to live in my system at the same time. One is a 1080ti used for Windows VR, the other an AMD RX560 used for Hackintosh (specifically for Final Cut X performance since Nvida doesn’t work well). When I boot using the AMD in PCI slot 1 and Nvidia in slot 2...
  10. Scott1204

    Iris Graphics for Final Cut in 4k - What’s your experience?

    Have an Nvidia card installed but Final Cut isn’t seeing it so getting poor playback performance in 4K... lots of stuttering. Curious if anyone has experience using Intel Iris graphics while editing 4K in Final Cut. What’s your performance?
  11. Scott1204

    Fastest way to resize a partition when the partition won’t resize?

    I’m trying to resize my High Sierra HFS partition. Use disk Utilities, click resize...all is good except when it says ‘Complete,’ nothing happened. Partition remained the same. Did some research and they say use your recovery media and resize from the disk utilities there. Tried it, same...
  12. Scott1204

    [Solved] How do I turn off text that appears between BIOS and Clover?

    When I boot my machine, right after BIOS and just before the Clover appears, I see text scrolling on the screen. It started after upgrading Clover. Not sure what to call it but want to turn it off. (It's like verbose mode but that's not it) Any tips?
  13. Scott1204

    High Sierra with AMD RX580 and Samsung 4K TV - how do you get 60hz?

    I was finally able to get an AMD RX580 running under High Sierra. I get sound and 4K resolution but I can’t get 60hz refresh rate. I had an Nvidia 1080Ti and could do it with Sierra using a Club3d Display-to-HDMI adapter, SwitchResX, and the clock patch. So I know the hardware is capable. But...
  14. Scott1204

    Can't Play iTunes Videos after 10.13.0 Supplimental and Nvidia Drivers Update

    Thought my 1080 was working fine until I tried to play iTunes video — most files don’t play, just stay black. Anyone else notice? Is HDCP working with these drivers?
  15. Scott1204

    Best High Sierra graphics card setup for 4K 60hz?

    Debating options...Since Pascal is not yet supported in High Sierra, is there another choice that is relatively simple/compatible? For example, could I buy a Radeon card and have it live along side my 1080Ti? Can the 1080 be disabled so that it works in Windows but not Hackintosh with High...
  16. Scott1204

    How is High Sierra at this stage? More compatible, less, about the same?

    Curious the groups experiences with High Sierra so far. Prepping for the switch but wondering if there are any key issues I should consider before changing. Have you had a harder time installing? Easier/same? Nvidia graphics working? Audio, sleep, etc? Stable? Or should I just buy a Mac and...
  17. Scott1204

    4K 60Hz - What's the right settings for a Samsung 50" LCD TV?

    Trying to get my Hackintosh to drive a new 4K Samsung 50" TV @ 60Hz. A previous Samsung 55" model worked just fine using the details below. Had to change sizes though and now the new model, a 2017 version, refuses to display at 60Hz despite the same settings. Have the Club3D adapter Have to...
  18. Scott1204

    Best method for getting 4K 60hz and audio?

    Purchased a Samsung 4k 55" TV and upgraded to an Nvidia 1080 Ti graphics card. Researching the best way to get 60Hz refresh rate and audio working. Previously, I had a 1080p display with a 980 ti and working audio over HDMI. After upgrading graphics, HDMI audio no longer worked despite...
  19. Scott1204

    Upgrading 6700K to 7700K - any changes need to be made?

    I may upgrade my 6700K to a 7700K to gain a bit more Overclocking performance for some Windows VR games. My Gigabyte motherboard supports it but on my Hackintosh, once the new processor is in, will I need to modify my MacOS installation? Will it break something like iMessage or worst case, do...
  20. Scott1204

    Making Powernap work on Sierra?

    Any recommendations for getting powernap working on Sierra? Searching around the forum but not finding much current information. I have a Gigabyte z170x-ud3 Ultra w/ 6700K processor. Think my power management is working normally-- system reports several CPU power states and it sleeps and wakes...