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  1. sakis697

    Can I Upgrade to Mojave with Gigabyte RX 560 OC Gaming Graphics Card?

    AMD Gigabyte RX 560 OC Gaming rev.2 can i update with this card?
  2. sakis697

    3 monitors

    Hello, i have this card and i have connect 2 monitor. The first on the HDMI and the second on DisplayPort as the image with yellow square. Now i want to connect third monitor. If i connect to other two HDMI does not work. Actually what ever i connect to other two HDMI and DVI does not...
  3. sakis697

    [Solved] Deleted EFI Partition > Need Help

    Hello i delete the uefi partition from my drive! So i cant boot to my system! However, i make a new install on other disk! And the new disk has an uefi partition! From that partition i make to boot my old system! Paradox! But if i delete the new drive my old system cant boot again! How...
  4. sakis697

    Bluetooth does not work after restart

    Hello i have this IOGear Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter but after i restart my computer bluetooth dosn't work automatikaly. It needs to plug out and plug in again to works
  5. sakis697

    Problem with Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 2GB

    Hello, i have problem with Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 2GB OC LP (GV-N1050OC-2GL) I cant find how to works fine. Now my system see only 5MB of GPU not 2GB. I have 10.13.1 and here is my Clover file.
  6. sakis697


    Hello, can you tell me what pci-e card with wifi and bluetooth to buy for my hackintosh? I see many on Buyer's guide but is out of stock or they cant ship to Greece. Any ideas?
  7. sakis697

    Guide for Dell Optiplex 780 with Asus 210SL?

    Hello, i have one Dell Optiplex 780 with Asus 210SL TC1GD3-L graphic card and i want to install Siera. Is there any guide? I try manu thinks i have on internet but not work.
  8. sakis697

    Dell Vostro 3650 MT i3-6100 stack on Apple logo

    Hello, i have this machtine with i3-6100 and i follow this guide but when i boot from usb i stack o Apple logo screen. Any ideas to...
  9. sakis697

    Dell Vostro 3650 MT i3-6100

    Hello, can anyone have this pc with hackintosh?
  10. sakis697

    KP on Install

    Hello i have this kernel panic I use cpu intel i7 6700 with H110m-c motherboard. Evo 850 ssd with 8GB ddr4 crusial ram at 2133Hz Can you help me?