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  1. 2chdotru

    Laptop Compatibility

    You can test by yourself. Just compile latest version of opencore from github and enable ProtectUefiServices and DevirtualiseMmio! I have tried on 10.15.3 install. And got no more allocation error. Just got KP while loading kernel. And thats all test that i have done.
  2. 2chdotru

    Laptop Compatibility

    Good news everyone! After that commit Opencore support Ice Lake. Just have tested it right now. No more allocation error. Just build new version of opencore and enable ProtectUefiServices and...
  3. 2chdotru

    New VoodooPS2Controller, Keyboard, Trackpad

    Problem with prefpanel on dell 3521. Trackpad is working but prefpanel not. Use 10.14 and last prebuild version. What log etc do u need?