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  1. Claus

    RAM Question - a little bit stupid

    I'm gonna build an X58 machine with (for a starter) 3x4GB RAM. On installation, do I have 1 RAM chip in the slot to keep it at 4GB?
  2. Claus

    Looking for GTX285

    I plan on using After Effects CS5 on my future Hackintosh. To get the most out of this suite, I'd need a GTX285 (the Quattros are beyond paycheck). This card seems to be discontinued, and I only have found some rather obscure sources for it. Does anybody know a reputable internet dealer (USA)...
  3. Claus

    Final Cut Pro users here?

    I'm toying with the thought of building a Hackintosh. However, my main reason to use Macs is Final Cut Studio. Is anyone here on this board using it successfully? What is the recommended GPU for Color and Motion?