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  1. kiwiszon

    MST 2xhdmi 1.4 to 4k 60hz

    Hello, I have gigabyte gtx 750 ti and want to buy Samsung U28E590DS display. I wonder if it's possible to run MST on this display based on nvidia web drivers?
  2. kiwiszon

    Intel hd 630 monitor disconnect at OS X loader

    Hello, I'm using "fake skylike" patch to get OS X running. Cpu works fine, but when I do inject gnu intel etc my display disconnect at about 60% of loading. I'm using rehab kext for FakePCIID and FAKEPCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics. This is my full config: AsRock H110M-DGS Intel 7400 i5 4x3.0 + hd...
  3. kiwiszon

    What kext i should have

    Hello, after many fails, i decided to configure new hackintosh once again. Can someone tell me what kexts etc(like for completely newbie) i should use to run this configuration: asrock h110m-dgs( intel i5 7400 with integrated 630 san...
  4. kiwiszon

    Intel hd 630 gt2 issue

    Hello, I'm using faked 530 option, to run my 630, however this Mac still shows that I'm using 630 with 5mb of GRAM. Can You tell me what's wrong with my config? I have facepciid and fakepciid intel hd kext in sle, but still no change :(
  5. kiwiszon

    Asrock h110m-dgs + intel i5 7400 kaby lake + intel hd 630

    Hello, i have this configuration. I'm using clover with fakepciid and fakepciid intel hd graphics and with fakecpuid/fakeid in config.plist. When I'm booting into instalation, i get black screen with white apple logo and kernel panic cpu 0 no driver found for acpi(but with different words, don't...
  6. kiwiszon

    Kaby lake low profile motherboard

    Hello, i can't find info If there's good compatible mobo with sodimm(notebook like) ram? I dont want to buy outdated cpu, so o prefer to fake skylake cpu until official kaby support.
  7. kiwiszon

    Intel iMac 2010 27'

    Hi. I have chance to buy empty housusing for iMac 27(from 2010), for very cheap. I'm wondering, if it's possible, to convert original iMac display wires to any format(like hdmi or another), and will it work? And if not, is there any display that fit into 27' iMac?
  8. kiwiszon

    Flickering sceen after install

    Hi, i've just installed mavericks on lenovo u310. I don't know why, but it don't see my notebook screen(but it works, when i connect to tv by hdmi). Now i did reboot after first install, and my screen is flickering. It's imposible to do anythink with this. Can you tell me, what flags should i...