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  1. riodoro1

    Three problems after upgrading to 10.9

    I upgraded my 10.8.4 to 10.9 today and used the ProBook Installer 6.1.9, everything works but i have three issues: the console is spammed by messages like that: The trackpad seems to have the draglock enabled at all times disregarding the checkbox in system prefs. Also, the Power button...
  2. riodoro1

    Workaround for energy saver sleep and critical battery sleep.

    This app gets the settings from System Preferences so it does not need any more setup. Just enter System Prefs and select when You want Your laptop to sleep (works for battery and AC separately). Place the app wherever You like and put it into login items, the only output it gives to the user is...
  3. riodoro1

    Battery indicator problem.

    After logging in my Battery is shown as Not Charging (AC plug on icon, laptop plugged out), on login screen everything is fine. Anyone have any idea what is wrong ? PS. It affects every account.
  4. riodoro1

    Discrete graphics and battery life.

    Hey, I've been using my Probook 4530s Hackbook for quite a while now, OS X is the only os i have installed on it, and I'm so grateful for everyone who made it possible to use it. Now... I don't even mind graphic glitches anymore, but there are two things i really miss, i mentioned them in title...
  5. riodoro1

    Remapped keyboard

    Hello, i really liked the keyboard kext by blueking, and i've been using it with lion, so after moving to ML i installed it and the "bbbbb" repeat problem is present again, anyone knows where can i find a remapped kext without this problem or software to mess around with my keys ?
  6. riodoro1

    Couple problems with 4530s

    Hi! Thanks for Your guides and all, i have installed ML on my functioning Lion, after first boot WiFi was working, BT too, battery, almost everything except for sound. I tried to install HP Probook Installer (v4) but installation failed. Now i have no WiFi and no sleep (which is very...
  7. riodoro1

    Wifi gets disconnected when I close it

    I've had the same issue, in my case going to WiFi preferences and removing couple of old networks (we all have them) from the list helped.
  8. riodoro1

    Apple ProBook 4530s - Display MOD

    Hi, today i did some thinking and after a while I figured that if the Lion is so well on our machines, and i can play, work, do all the stuff on Mac then the only thing i wanted is to have the apple on the back of my screen. So we start with that (iPod sticker? pretty lame for me) These are...
  9. riodoro1

    Good Morning, an alarm clock for free, for You.

    Hello y'all. I just begun my adventure with mac, and with software developing on this platform too. This is my fist app that has purpose and does something useful, Apple developer account costs 100$/year and I don't want to buy it if i won't have some good apps which will pay for that account...
  10. riodoro1

    My screen is black when I boot on battery

    You have to press ESC right when HP logo appears, and enter BIOS config, then press fn+F3 until the brightness is full, that should do it. Also, if you don't need F keys you can use brightness/volume regulation w/o fn key, HERE is the solution.
  11. riodoro1

    About this Mac Window.

    i was bored yesterday and I thought "hey, wouldn't it be nice if in "about this mac" windows we would see our laptop instead of MacBook Pro ?" so i run up pixelmator looked for this MBP icon and after ~4 hours (im not really gifted) this was born: in Zip you have all files as well as project...