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  1. MrBeast

    More Volume..

    Rehab or anybody, I am wondering if there is anything that can be done to help with volume output. Probook 4540s with the IDT sound chip. In windows sound is very loud and crisp, in Mountain Lion or in Mavericks the sound is not very loud at all turned all the way up. I usually end up...
  2. MrBeast

    Mavericks Black Screen

    Trying to install Mavericks without any luck. I am just getting a black screen after the apple logo when booting from the unibeast usb. I have tried with GraphicsEnabler=no and =yes. Probook 4540s that was successfully running 10.8.5, i5 3210m.
  3. MrBeast

    Audio Distortion

    Running 10.8.5 with everything working fine except for one thing. If I am watching videos on youtube sometimes the audio will get distorted. Sounds kinda Scratchy. I can close youtube and start over and it will quit but eventually come back. Anyone else ran into this issue?