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  1. dashrat

    Security update 2019-003 Hangs

    Spoke too soon... after a shutdown and a reboot was back at the same error screen... Looking at moving to Mojave/Catalina now for the Z170 but with the single-slot graphics for the mini-case it means using the built-in Intel graphics and the story on that seems to be ambiguous with respect to...
  2. dashrat

    Security update 2019-003 Hangs

    After several reboots with the same error message, I rebooted for the 4-5-6th time, and boom up comes the login screen. Strangest thing. I guess it advanced a little bit through the errors on each reboot until it made it all the way through.
  3. dashrat

    Security update 2019-003 Hangs

    My Hack Mini (the Z170 with GT740) crashes on reboot after the security update. Never had any problems with any updates before. I've attached a picture of the log that was displayed at the crash. Maybe someone can make sense of it. I have Clover and I'm going to see if I can do a recovery...
  4. dashrat

    PSA: Gigabyte F20B BIOS changes

    First, I will chime in on PLEASE DON'T EVER TRY TO UPGRADE BIOS WITHOUT READING THESE FORUMS. I suppose there are some rare cases where BIOS upgrades are good for Hackintoshes but in general it looks like they are bad unless you need new processor support (e.g. Kaby Lake). I foolishly did...