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  1. Piero2411

    Solved > automatic shutdown at startup after power failure

    Last night the power went out while my hackintosh was on. This morning as soon as I reactivated the power and I access the hackintosh to get to work I have these messages and then the computer turns off completely by itself. Do you have any advice? (I have Mac OS high Sierra) Thank you
  2. Piero2411

    Catalina and Fenvi T-919 bad paired

    Hi everyone a few days ago I took a new nvme SSD for my hackintosh to install Catalina and increase performance. Unfortunately, I'm having several problems One of these is related to fenvi T-919. Bluetooth works well. I can use bluetooth mouse and keyboard without problems. The real problem...
  3. Piero2411

    Network problem with airdrop

    Hi a few days ago I switched to catalina and I had problems with airdrop. it works but very slowly which it didn't do with high sierra. To pass a .png photo it takes a few minutes and in the meantime it remains stuck as in the photo below. Definitely not the network card (Fenvi T919) Could...
  4. Piero2411

    Aborted returned from boot.efi Catalina

    Hi, I rebooted my hackintosh and then I got this screen on startup from clover I tried to change the efi folder with a backup one that I had but the problem persists I attach the photos
  5. Piero2411

    How do I know which kext I need?

    Hello to all I have a question about kext. Looking in the forum I have seen few guides with my MOBO and related kext. I noticed that many have different kext although with similar configurations. I tried to install the kext indicated by them but often they don't work for me. My configuration...
  6. Piero2411

    Solved > Catalina work only with 0x12345678 platform id

    Hi i just installed catalina on my hackintosh and i have a problem with video drivers. MOBO: Z170XP-SLI CPU: Intel 6600K GPU: Intel HD 530 SSD: Samsung 97 Evo plus The video card integrated in the processor is an Intel HD 530 When I boot it gives me the error in the photo. The only way to...
  7. Piero2411

    Solved > Can't start install Catalina on ssd nvme

    Hello, I'm trying to install mac os Catalina on my new Samsing 970 EVO Plus. After preparing the BIOS and USB I started the installation process and when I select the target disk in the mac os installation user interface the screen returns to the mac os utility without any error message. And...
  8. Piero2411

    Why is my hackintosh lagging?

    In daily use my hackintosh very often lags and makes its use very annoying Anyone know how to fix it? O.S. High Sierra to the latest version same for the nvidia driver
  9. Piero2411

    Can't update clover

    Hi, when I try to update clover on my hackintosh with High serera I get this message: Clover_v2.5k_r5110.pkg not found! What can I fre to update it? Thanks for the help
  10. Piero2411

    Everything lags continuously

    Hi, I updated after some time clover to the latest version but now the interface has started lagging. When I move the mouse when I scroll the pages ... In short, it has become almost unusable. Some advice?
  11. Piero2411

    USB port don't shutdown High Sierra

    Hi I have a problem with my hackintosh and high sierra. When i shutdown it the usb port and wifi/bluetooth card (fenvi) don't shutdown. i have try with fix shutdown and i have enabled erp on my mobo. On mac os Sierra this work well but now with high sierra i have this problem. what i have to do...
  12. Piero2411

    USB port don't shutdown

    Hi i have try to fix usb shutdown with my mobo manual. I have enabled Erp... on windows when i shutdown every port haven't power but on my hackintosh don't work and when i shutdown it i have power on to my usb port... what can i do for fix it? thanks for the help
  13. Piero2411

    Upgrade High Sierra 10.13.2 "macOS could not be install"

    hi today i have try to upgrade my hackintosh but after reboot and click on Mac OS install from... i have this message: "Macos could not be install ..." first i have try with MacPro 6,1 i have try set Mac 14,2 on smbios update clover at 4359 put NvidiaGraphicsFixup lilu and FakeSMC on other...
  14. Piero2411

    usb don't shutdown and not read only HDD

    Hi last week i have install high sierra on my hackintosh but now i have find 2 problem. First when i shutdown my hackintosh usb don't shutdown i have try with fix usb in clover configurator but don't work. before high sierra I had sierra and this way it worked why not now? Second if I connect...
  15. Piero2411

    Clover reboot first install high sierra

    hi i have try to install high sierra but for Problem with nvdia driver i have decided to reinstall from zero. i have set usb install with unibeast and set the bios but when i start the usb for install the pc reboot every time. i have try to remove battery from my mobo but and retry but don't...
  16. Piero2411

    No audio after install gtx 1050 ti

    Hi I have a problem on my hackintosh mac OS Sierra I installed the gtx 1050 ti. i installed the drivers: Alc1150 100 series-audio After that the sound doesn't work after 2/3 days work automatically. Last week i have try to install High Sierra, but don’t work for problem with nvidia...
  17. Piero2411

    One SSD but multi log on bios

    Hi i have a problem in a BIOS settings when i go on my bios for select alternative disk i have found this... Crucial is my SSD with Clover and macOS Sierra whenever inside and out increases by one. what is? what can i do? Please i haven’t find a solution thank for the help
  18. Piero2411

    Bios Problem with clover

    Hi i have a problem in a BIOS settings when i go on my bios for select alternative disk i have found this... Crucial is my SSD with Clover and macOS Sierra whenever inside and out increases by one. what is? what can i do? thanks for the help at everyone
  19. Piero2411

    not boot Mac OS install

    hi when I tried to install high sierra from hackintosh but when is load the boot logo it locks in the end what i have to do? thanks for helping
  20. Piero2411

    Glitch on a status bar

    hi i have install on my hackintosh nvidia 1050Ti and nvidia driver after that i have 2/3 glitch one of this is up to date and hour. Other glitch in when i torn on hackintosh and start boot on hackintosh it have a black glitch. what can i do for remove that? thanks for the help