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  1. RedRogue

    Intel Ark info

    When I check the Intel Ark specs for an i5-9600k, the RAM is spec'd as DDR4-2666. Is this a minimum spec or maximum? Are there any benefits or problem when using a higher spec, such as DDR4-3600?
  2. RedRogue

    Is my Power Supply Sufficent

    Can someone please look at wishlist and let me know if the power supply is sufficient? Keep in mind I will be adding a few more HHD's and SSD's and maybe a CD drive. WishList
  3. RedRogue

    Internal WiFi compatibility

    Do you guys know if the the internal WiFi on this motherboard is compatible with a Hackintosh? Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 5
  4. RedRogue

    Multibeast does not recognize SSD after 10.13 update

    After updating to 10.13, I tried to use Multibeast to update my audio and network drivers. However, my startup SSD is not listed in the drive choices, only the HDD options are listed. Help.
  5. RedRogue

    Question About Heatsink Fan?

    I will soon be installing a new heatsink/fan in my system was wondering about the orientation of the fan. My case has vents on the top which I plan to utilize. Which option works best: A: Pull air from the top and push the hot air into the case while letting the case fans push out the hot air...
  6. RedRogue

    How Do Replace AppleHDADrive

    I've been struggling the past week or so trying to get Realtek1150 audio working. After digging around with IOJones, I made a discovery. I drilled down to HDEF@1B and looked around. I went a little further to AppleHDADriver. I compared this on my two drives. Drive 1 is my main drive with Sierra...
  7. RedRogue

    System will not boot.

    I just started updating to Sierra. Had to do a fresh install. I got Sierra installed and patched the audio via Unibest / Multibeast. I rebooted to confirm audio. All was fine. I rebooted a second time just to sure. Now I am stuck at the Gigabyte splash screen. I have reset cmos several times...
  8. RedRogue

    Creative Sound on Skylake boards?

    I have noticed some of the new z170 motherboards use Creative Sound instead of Realtek. Will these boards work with OS X or should we stick to the Realtek Audio boards?
  9. RedRogue

    HDCP Not Working

    My video card and my monitor both support HDCP. However, I am not able to watch movies downloaded via iTunes. Any suggestions?
  10. RedRogue

    Scaling issue with 4k monitor

    I just got a new monitor and I am having trouble getting WoW to play nicely. Here is my system - it's a Hack What I want to do is set the monitor to 2560x1440 and play...
  11. RedRogue

    Does System Profile Matter

    When I set up Clover, I eventually come to the part where I select the Mac profile I want to use. Is there any reason to choose one system vs another? Are there certain OS X features that are only available for a Mac Pro and others that are only for iMac or laptops? What about choosing an...
  12. RedRogue

    4K and 5K Display Buyer's Guide for Macs

    Found this article on MacRumors about displays. Thought I would share it. Hope you find it helpful.
  13. RedRogue

    Monitor Recommendation?

    My current Hack has an HP monitor. It's OK and gets the job done. But I'm not 100% happy with it. I also have a 2010 27" iMac, which i love. My question: What monitors are most like the iMac? I don't necessarily need 27" but the quality of the image is important. Edit: I would also consider a...
  14. RedRogue


    I plan to do a Windows 10 install within the next week or so. I currently have OS X 10.11.1 running on one drive. I plan to install a 2nd SSD with Windows on it. As I understand it, as long as install Windows UEFI, all I have to do is select Windows or OS X at the Clover boot window. (I already...
  15. RedRogue

    [Solved] Where did the System folder go?

    Just updated to El Capitan and my System folder is hidden. How do I reveal it?
  16. RedRogue

    Help with crash

    For the past few mornings, I have been arriving at my my office to find my iMac has suffered from a fatal crash. The screen is totally "white" and I have to hold the power button to reboot. This is an original iMac, not a hack. I have not installed any new software in the past few weeks. Any...
  17. RedRogue

    Terminal trouble

    I am trying to creating a clean native AppleHDA.kext. The instructions tell me to create a folder on my desktop named "native_applehda". I do this. Later in the process I am instructed to enter this command in Terminal: /cd Desktop/native_applehda I do this and the message, "No such file or...
  18. RedRogue

    PodXT Causes Computer to Crash

    I have a PodXT guitar modeling device that I've had for a long time. Yesterday I decided to connect it on my Hack. I updated all the drivers and software. All works fine. However, when I turn off the device via power switch or disconnect the USB cable, my Hack crashes. Any suggestions on how...
  19. RedRogue


    I tried to update to 10.10.4 I could not get to work. When I'm at the Clove boot screen I select the SSD with the update. The process starts, then after a minute, it goes back to Clover. I was able to boot with my backup drive and update Clover. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I am now...
  20. RedRogue

    Mystery Crash

    I need some help solving an issue. Recently my computer has started this habit of crashing during the night. It's in sleep mode when I go to bed. When I wake up, I see the Clover boot screen. Here is the report that is generated: *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 2 caller 0xffffff8000417cc2)...