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  1. CyCLoBoT

    Broadcom BCM94352Z Alternatives

    I need to replace the wifi card in the laptop as it got damaged. Are there any alternatives to Broadcom BCM94352Z that works OOB with macOS? I am looking for the same card on eBay and they are very expensive. Seems like the price has gone substantially higher since the time I bought mine. Are...
  2. CyCLoBoT

    MSI RX 480 8GB - Incorrect number of ports

    I have noticed that the oS is detecting incorrect number of ports for my video card. I have 1 x DVI, 2 x HDMI, and 2 x DP ports but when I look in IOReg, it shows that there are 6 ports. Even in DCPIManager, it lists 6 ports. I tried to manually inject Orinoco Framebuffer and specified 5 ports...
  3. CyCLoBoT

    Custom USB SSDT

    @RehabMan, I did not want to muck the FB Patcher thread with my USB issues. I think I've gotten the SSDT to work with using the XHC method and disabling EHCI. One question about the port count, right now besides XHC, it shows a count of 14. Is this 14 counted from 0,1,2,..,etc. or 1,2,3,...,etc...
  4. CyCLoBoT

    Some issues with Mojave

    I did a clean install of Mojave yesterday. I have noticed that couple of things aren't working the way they were in HS. First, Preview/QuickLook does not work when I have the iGPU disabled. I have noticed this for JPEGs. When pressing either space bar or when opening an image in Preview, all I...
  5. CyCLoBoT

    Low OpenCL score

    I recently switched to an AMD card. It's an MSI Radeon RX 480 Gaming X card. For some reason, the OpenCL score drops more than half when I view videos online (Netflix, Youtube). With a freshly restarted computer, the score remains in the 130k range but as soon as I watch a video, it drops to...
  6. CyCLoBoT

    [Solved] PCI Information in System Properties

    I have seen on other users' machines that the PCI section in System Properties shows a lot more information about the devices connected such as the video card, WiFi card and such. On my system, it only shows Intel 9 Series Chipset Family USB xHCI Host Controller: Is there something I have to...
  7. CyCLoBoT

    Graphics glitch with new screen

    I replaced the screen on the laptop with an IPS one. System is booting just fine but as soon as it reaches login window, the screen garbles up. Has anyone come across this issue? I have attached a screenshot of how the screen looks like.
  8. CyCLoBoT

    Lenovo L440 - Multiple Issues

    I initially installed High Sierra on an APFS formatted drive and noticed that the system was a bit sluggish. I decided to re-install the OS again following @Sniki guide for this laptop model using a HFS+J formatted drive. I followed the instructions to the tee but for some reason, there are...
  9. CyCLoBoT

    Modded BIOS - Lenovo L440

    I flashed a modded BIOS on my laptop to remove whitelist restriction. The only issue I'm having with the modded BIOS is that during startup, the laptop produces a sequence of 5 beeps - pause - 5 beeps. I have disabled the Security Chip in BIOS but the beeps still occur. I even reflashed the...
  10. CyCLoBoT

    [solved] Optical Drive Caddy

    i recently purchased an optical drive caddy from eBay to use with a Lenovo L440 laptop. When I plug in the drive, I get a prompt that the drive is not initialized and when I try to erases it in Disk Utility, it just hangs and results in an error. I have initialed the drive on my desktop a few...
  11. CyCLoBoT

    WIFI card for Lenovo L440

    Are there any WIFI/Bluetooth combo cards that would be compatible with the Lenovo L440 laptop without having to remove the whitelist restriction from BIOS? I have looked into removing whitelist restriction but it appears that I have two BIOS chips in this laptop and am not sure how to go about...
  12. CyCLoBoT

    USB Bluetooth and WIFI

    I want to install macOS on a Lenovo L440 but unfortunately I'm not able to whitelist the BIOS to install a compatible WIFI/bluetooth card. Are there any USB adapters available that will work OOB?
  13. CyCLoBoT

    Onboard Intel HD Graphics

    I have enabled the onboard graphics along with the discreet video card to enable hardware encoding. For some reason, I see two entries for the onboard graphics in System Properties. I enabled the onboard graphics card by selecting Inject Intel in config, I set the ig platform id to haswell...
  14. CyCLoBoT

    Video playback with Radeon RX 560

    I just made a switch to a MSI Radeon RX 560 video card. The card is getting detected just fine using Whatevergreen but I have noticed that now when I view videos in Safari, it becomes pixelated at times. This happens in Youtube and Netflix. The other thing I noticed is that in Netflix, there...
  15. CyCLoBoT

    Radeon R9 290x

    I am thinking about purchasing a used Gigabyte Windforce R9 290x video card. Will this card work OOB with High Sierra? I want to replace my Nvidia card to avoid using any drivers or extra kexts (black screen issue).
  16. CyCLoBoT

    Random Logouts

    For the past few days, I have noticed that whenever I'm using Safari, the OS randomly logs me off. I have not made any changes to the system. I even tried Chrome and still the same results. It occurs the most when I'm on Youtube. Has anyone else seen this issue?
  17. CyCLoBoT

    Framebuffer Depth

    I have a Philips 40" 4K (PHL BDM4065) monitor. I have noticed that under Graphics/Display properties, Framebuffer Depth is set to 24 bit Color. Other people who use this monitor has this property set to 32 bit. I have an EVGA GeForce GTX 960 4GB video card. Are there any settings I have to...
  18. CyCLoBoT

    "Boot macOS Installer" not showing in Clover

    I'm trying to do a direct update from Sierra. When I run the installer, it prompts for a restart and when it does, I don't see the option to boot into the installer in Clover. It's only showing Sierra disk and the recovery partitions. What could be causing the installer from not showing up? How...
  19. CyCLoBoT

    [Solved] "Needs power" message via USB

    For some reason, whenever I plug in my iPad, I get a message that "USB Accessory needs power". I have not made any changes to my system in a while aside from upgrading to 10.12.6 a while ago. USB drives seem to work just fine. I have never used a DSDT with my current system and everything was...
  20. CyCLoBoT

    Sierra on X58a-UD3R v2.0

    Is anyone here running Sierra on the said motherboard without any issues? I'm trying to install Sierra on an old PC I have was running El Capitan on. El Capitan was working perfectly fine but since I've installed Sierra, a lot of things have stopped working. I can't get Restart to work (It hangs...