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  1. Connie Mac

    Can't resolve Mojave font smoothing

    I'm having trouble with fonts in Mojave using UHD630 graphics (ASRock Z370M-ITX/ac motherboard with Coffee Lake i7 8700 and 16 GB RAM) and a Philips 27" display (i.e., non-retina). As you can see in the attachment, the Mojave fonts have aliasing issues (top panel) whereas under High Sierra they...
  2. Connie Mac

    [Solved] Need USB 3.1 Gen1 MB connector to USB2

    My case has 4 USB2 ports on the front. Unfortunately, my Asus ROG Strix Z370-I mother board only has one USB2 header. However, it also has a 3.1 gen 1 header. So, is there a cable I can buy that goes from this header down to two USB2 connections?
  3. Connie Mac

    Endless reboot loop during 10.13.2 to 10.13.6 update

    I just tried to update from 10.13.2 to 10.13.6 using Software Update and I'm stuck on an endless reboot loop. It started to reboot from "Boot MacOS Install from MacSSD" at the Clover window, gets about 1/4 of the way on the progress bar, then reboots. This repeats endlessly. How can I get around...
  4. Connie Mac

    Can power supply interfere with BT/WiFi?

    I have a Broadcom BCM94352Z (Lenovo pull) in my Mini-ITX Core i7 Gen 8 box and I have had persistent dropping of wifi and lagging BT mouse since building it months ago. The card is properly seated and antennas properly connected. The design of the MoBo places the card within a few centimeters of...
  5. Connie Mac

    Bluetooth mouse stutters

    I have an Apple Magic Mouse and a Broadcom BCM94352Z (NGFF Dual Band 802.11ac 867M Wifi BT 4.0) card in my new Coffee Lake/High Sierra build and it really has issues. The mouse works fine with a real Mac/High Sierra and this card worked fine when I had it in my Broadwell NUC/El Cap hackintosh...
  6. Connie Mac

    How to PM someone

    OK, I must be completely blind because I cannot see how to start a "conversation" with a user. I'd like to contact a member about a board we both have but I am unable to locate a private message button or some such. So, what's the solution?
  7. Connie Mac

    VLC 3 and 4k HVEC hardware decoding

    The newest version of VLC (3.0.0) was released late last week and is supposed to have automatic HVEC hardware decoding. My Coffee Lake hackintosh (8700, i7 6-core, UHD 630 gpu) decodes UHD Blu-Ray ripped 4k/DTS-MA Blade Runner 2049 just fine; however, my 2017 MacBook Pro Kaby Lake (dual-core i7...
  8. Connie Mac

    "No Disk Available To Install On" error

    Hmm. Having this problem with Unibeast 8 downloaded this morning. Pretty sure my 8 GB USB stick is properly formatted - Mac OS Extended (Journaled), GUID partition map. I initialized with Disk Utility on El Capitan. "No Disk Available To Install On UniBeast installation requires a...
  9. Connie Mac

    Serial number from retired hackintosh for iMessage?

    I have an older hackintosh that I've used iMessage with that I'm retiring to a Linux box. To avoid finding a new serial number in Clover Configurator and testing it, can I simply take the serial number associated with the retiring computer and use it for my new hackintosh to get iMessage working...
  10. Connie Mac

    Successful High Sierra 10.13.2 on GA-P55A-UDP4

    I pretty much followed this guide: Had to reboot several times and had Clover volume of "Boot FileVault PreBooter from Preboot" for some reason. But it is booting and I'll put it through the works over the next few...
  11. Connie Mac

    Post install fusion drive question

    I have a NUC i5 with El Cap installed and it's working great. It has a 250 GB m2 SSD. I'd like to add a 2 TB spinning hard drive and make a fusion drive out of both. Is it possible to clone the current installation to an external hard drive, then make the fusion drive, then put the current...
  12. Connie Mac

    Cannot boot unless Bluetooth USB adapter is connected: panic(cpu 2 caller)

    I have put El Cap 10.11.5 on a NUC5i5MYHE with an internal NGFF m.2 Dell WiFi/Bluetooth card. However, when I boot it, I get a panic cpu 2 caller during boot and the computer restarts, repeating this cycle continuously. If I connect a Bluetooth adapter to a USB port, the computer boots just...
  13. Connie Mac

    Security Update 2016-001 won't install

    Using App Store > Updates, I choose to install this. It downloads, then the computer appears to shut down but it never does. Screen is on but black and I can see the mouse pointer, but it does not move. I've waited several minutes before doing a hard restart but when it reboot it is still in the...
  14. Connie Mac

    Struggling with HD4600 with Core i3-4330 Yosemite

    I'm trying to get this box up and running but the HD4600 is giving me great difficulties. I am on Yosemite 10.10.2 and with an Asrock H97M-ITX/ac mobo. It's stuck on 1024x768, no kexts loaded, and 3 MB of vRAM. The vRAM size in the BIOS is set to auto. Here's my boot.plist file: <dict>...
  15. Connie Mac

    Link speed only 130 Mbit/s with real Airport card

    I've been experience this speed problem (130 Mbit/s as reported by Network Utility) with my Custo Mac Mini (quad-core i5, 8 gb RAM) since installing a real Airport Extreme 802.11n card with a dual-antenna adapter. I am running Lion 10.7.2 and some searching suggested the IO80211family.kext was...
  16. Connie Mac

    Screen saver nor display sleep no longer work

    This problem just cropped up a couple of days ago. I've been on 10.6 for many months now and it's been fine, but something unusual has happened. Is there a kext or preference file that can be deleted, or some other way to restore these?
  17. Connie Mac

    The 1 TB boot drive limit

    I searched for this but did not see it in the forums. Can anyone offer an explanation why hackintoshes are limited to booting from partitions of 1 TB or smaller? It seems like a strange problem.
  18. Connie Mac

    Sonnett Aria Extreme and Snow Leopard? Does anyone know if this card will work with a hackintosh under Snow Leo? It is for G4/G5 Macs, thus is only "officially" supported up to 10.5. But it seems as though it's a clone of Apple's Airport cards.
  19. Connie Mac

    DSDT and mobo revisions

    I'd like to do a clean install with a new graphics card and my p55a-ud4p has two revisions. However, when I check the DSDT database there isn't a rev 1 or rev 2 listed, just the p55a-ud4p. Does this mean that the DSDTs for this board will work with either revision?
  20. Connie Mac

    Trouble with Sapphire 5870 / 2GB card

    I am having trouble getting SL installed on my system. I have just replaced a 9800GTX+ with a Sapphire 5870/2GB card with the current iBoot and MultiBeast. Here's what I did: 1. Boot from iBoot, install from Snow Leopard Retail 10.6.0. 2. Rebooted and ran the 10.6.6 Combo Updater then switched...