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  1. dubmonster590

    kernel panic at boot on Sierra

    At first, I created USB installer via Unibeast 7.1.1, i used Legacy mode, because my motherboard doesn't start with UEFI at all. First kernelpanic what i got was relating to "No Kext Summary", i fixed it via moving RAM to other slot, closer to CPU. Then i tried booting again, but now it panics...
  2. dubmonster590

    Mavericks installation fails always to same error Code=121

    I don't know why, but installation fails at 1 minute remaining, and when i look at log file, it looks like this: Jul 3 16:23:28 localhost opendirectoryd[101]: opendirectoryd (build 339.1.4) launched - installer mode Jul 3 16:23:28 localhost opendirectoryd[101]: Logging level limit changed...
  3. dubmonster590

    Stuck on Ack PM Done, what it means

    When i'm trying to boot Yosemite, it never gets to installer, it will just stop at "Ack PM Done", what it means, on my other pc it will go over that "Ack PM Done" in matter of seconds